ADAO’s first airdrop program

2 min readMar 25, 2022

In order to achieve its global development and accelerate the establishment of the first encrypted data computing network based on Web3.0, ADAMoracle officially launched the decentralized autonomous organization ADAO, and at the same time issued 10 billion governance tokens ADAO. In the future, ADAO will play a key role in ADAMoracle community voting, community activities, and ecological applications.

In order to encourage more high-quality users to participate in the construction of the ADAMoracle ecosystem, we decided to use 100% of the 10 billion governance tokens ADAO for community construction . The first phase of the airdrop will issue 5 billion governance tokens. The airdrop objects include KOLs, community leaders, ADAMoracle early ecological contributors, and BSC ecological ETH, BNB, ADAM token holders.

The 1st airdrop is divided into two parts: “whitelist plan” and “Participant reward”.

(1)About Whitelist

The global whitelist activity will officially start on “March 24, 2022”, including KOLs, group owners, nodes and major ADAM holders who can receive the whitelist. The whitelist share accounts for 5% of the total issuance, and the total airdrop share is 500 million ADAOs.

whitelist rights

Each whitelist airdrops 100,000 ADAO, and can be exchanged for ADAM according to the ratio of 100:1, and the market price of ADAM is $8.0.

Eligibility of whitelist

● Twitter KOLs

● Community Promoter

● ADAMoracle Ecological Contributor

For details, please read ADAO Global Whitelist Airdrop Program:

Note: If the airdrop shares of the “Whitelist Program” are not all distributed, the remaining part will be transferred to the “Participant reward”.

(2) Participant reward

ADAO will reward BSC and ADAMoracle ecological participants with 45% of the airdrop token supply. Users can obtain the corresponding ADAO token airdrop if they meet any of the conditions. The airdropped tokens must be claimed by themselves, and the corresponding BNB will be paid at the same time as Gas Fee.

Claim requirements:


Claim requirements: Hold BNB≥0.1, ETH≥0.01, USDT≥50 ADAM≥5 (any of the above assets can be used)

Claim Quantity: Each address can receive 100,000 ADAO

ADAM Holders’ Rewards:

Claim time: April 6, 2022

Invite others will be rewarded:

Users who generate their own invitation link will get an additional 50% airdrop share, and there is no upper limit on the number of invitees.

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