ADAO Global Whitelist Airdrop Program

3 min readMar 24, 2022

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 and supports ADAMoracle’s data encryption and computing network; it is committed to helping ADAMoracle’s global development; also it is about to expand the global market by integrating community resources and combining technology and concepts of blockchain, to build up the world’s first data encryption and computing network, and create a commercial-level “DataFi” ecosystem for it; so that everyone involved in data circulation can benefit from it, come ture the concept of Web3.0, and return the data benefit to users.

ADAO total supply is 10 billion, and the token allows holders to influence the future of the ADAMoracle platform through governance, staking, and providing encryption and computing services through ADAMoracle. At the same time, We will announce the airdrop plan for the BSC ecosystem, and 100% of the tokens will be airdropped to community users.

First phase: ADAO will airdrop 50% of the total supply, 5% of the total supply will be used for whitelist airdrops. KOLs, group owners and ADAMoracle’s early ecological contributors are allowed for free claim.Each whitelist can get 100,000 $ADAO, and can be exchanged for ADAM according to the ratio of 100:1 , and the market price of ADAM is $8.0.

Whitelist application time

March 25-April 6

Number of whitelists

5% of the total supply will be used for whitelist airdrops

whitelist rights

Each whitelist airdrops 100,000 ADAO, and can be exchanged for ADAM according to the ratio of 100:1, and the market price of ADAM is $8.0.

Eligibility for whitelisting

For KOL (Twitter)

Twitter followers no less than 500, and tweet about related activities.

For Community Owner

Have own fan base/community, and pin this campagine on your Twitter to promote ADAO airdrop.

For the ADAMoracle nodes

Participating in ADAMoracle wide-area node mining, and successfully pledged nodes can receive a whitelist.

For OEC Ecological Contributor

In order to thank OEC ecological participants for their early support for ADAMoracle, all users who participate in the OEC ecological airdrop, fill in your OEC address and click to fill in the form to receive 100,000 ADAO airdrops.

Apply for a whitelist

OEC Ecological Contributor:

KOL/Community Owner:

The final whitelist list will be announced on ADAMoracle's media and Twitter. For details, please consult the official customer service:


Twitter :@ADAM_Oracle




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