2nd round beta test— “StarCraft” is on

4 min readOct 25, 2021

On October 26th, We are pleased to announce that we will launch a second round of testing. 5% of the community incentive part of the total issuance for node miners to pledge. This activity will gathering our global nodes to participate and compete for millions of rewards, and the test plan for this phase will be named “StarCraft”.

ADAMoracle is a wide-area node oracle network built by ADAM Labs that implements cross-chain and provides price-feeding services based on hardware servers. Its core function is to link thousands of hardware servers as price-feeding nodes to build a safe and reliable network. A decentralized oracle network that is trustworthy, precise, prevents witch attacks, and can be self-maintained, replaces traditional oracles with Turing intelligence, and promotes the development of the Web3.0 distributed wide-area node oracle network ecosystem.

As a collaborative competition, the testnet incentive plan aims to help miners prepare for running the distributed wide-area node oracle 3.0 network.

In the first round of testing, many nodes joined the test of the ADAMoracle wide-area node oracle network to try and evaluate the test network. Based on the result, ADAMoracle laboratory has completed various server adaptation adjustments, product improvements and functional updates, and StarCraft will be started soon, inviting more nodes to join the upgraded test network to verify the performance of the program.

In order to make the entire testing process efficient, we will screen users who participate in the test, and community users can submit a form to apply for participation in the test.

Application form: https://forms.gle/hh9DuwQVrbHqqoga8


This round of testing will be conducted in the BSC test environment, users will need to consume BNB Gas fees to participate in the test.

BNB collection: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Also, users also need to pledge ADAM test coins for testing. Test coin can be obtained by fill in the application form.




Based on community suggestions, we will launch a “1Petabyte=?Petabyte” computing power bonus event!

Community incentives, which account for 5% of the total issuance, will be used as rewards for this test, of which 1,000,000 ADAM will be allocated to participants after the offcially launched.

Anyone who installs the mining pool plug-in during the test period and completes the pledge will obtain the quota.

1. ADAMoracle will give out the same amount reward as the node pledged during the test period (for example: the computing power reaches 1P during the test period, and the total reward is 1P after the official launch);

2. After the official network is launched, those node that have computing power ≥100T can be rewarded;

3. The test reward is distributed according to 1:5 of the computing power reached by the node after the official network is online;

4. The total amount of rewards on the entire network is capped at 1,000,000 ADAM, until the end of the distribution.

ADAM Current Price: 6.2USDT

For example: X users installed the mining pool plug-in during the testing phase and completed the pledge with test coins. After successfully participating in the test, X’s test computing power reached 10P, and X will receive 10P computing power rewards. After global node network is officially launched. The actual computing power of X is 1P. According to the ratio of 1:5, A will receive an additional 0.2P pledge mining reward, and the remaining 9.8P will still be valid when the total rewards of the entire network have not been distributed.

Single-day income is: 1.2P*1024*0.3288ADAM=404.029ADAM (Note: 0.3288 is the daily income per T when the whole network is fully loaded with 100P)


1. The end time of activity will be 9:00 am UTC on November 10th, which may be adjusted according to the test situation. The deadline will be announced on official channels 3 working days in advance;

2. All rewards will be configured according to the storage power after the official network of wide area nodes is launched, and the method of obtaining rewards will be notified through official channels;

3. Users who are found to be cheating will be disqualified for rewards;

4. ADAMoracle reserves the right of final interpretation for the above content.




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