ADAMoracle “StarCraft” participation tutorial

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We are pleased to announce: We are about to start the ADAMoracle”StarCraft”, which is the second round of wide-area node public testing. The team will take out 1,000,000 ADAM from the “community incentive” that accounts for 5% of the total issuance in the form of “borrowed coin mining”, and lend it to users participating in mining after it is officially launched .

Duration: 27th October 9:00 — — 10th November 9:00 (UTC)

Stage 1:

Participate in the test to get rewards. During the test period, install the mining pool plug-in and complete the pledge, and there will be a chance to share the 1,000,000ADAM borrowed coin mining quota.

The maximum amount of ADAM that can be borrowed is defined by the total computing power of the user’ has pledged on the test phase. For example: when the user’s computing power reaches 1000T when participating, he can get the corresponding amount of 30,000 ADAM mortgage coins at most. (1T/30ADAM)

Stage 2:

When the wide area node mining is officially launched, the ADAM borrowed coin mining quota will be allocated according to the actual computing power of the node at 1:5. For example: when the user’s participating computing power reaches 1000T, the user can also use 6000 ADAM free loan quota to participate in the pledge on the basis of 30,000 ADAM pledge, and obtain an additional 20% of the mining income. When users increase their participation in computing power, the loanable amount will also increase in proportion.


1. The rewards can only be obtained if the computing power is ≥100T after launching.

2. The upper limit of the amount of money that can be borrowed on the entire network is 1,000,000 ADAM, while stocks last.

3. The user needs to save the address where he participated in the testnet. and the loan amount will be determined based on the test address data.

4. In the test phase, the loan amount is obtained, and the real-time loan amount needs to be calculated in proportion to the user’s actual participation in the computing power.

5. The mining income generated by borrowing coins belongs to the user, and the 1 million ADAM used for “borrowing coin mining” will be automatically returned when they expire.

6. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to ADAMoracle.

[Participation Tutorial]

Users participating in the public beta can configure their MetaMask in advance;

Network setting: Binance Smart Chain

Network name: BSC test


Chain ID: 97

Symbol: BNB

After setting up, you only need to provide the BSC address to get BNB and ADAM test coins:

BNB test coin collection:

ADAM test coin collection: add Telegram account: @ADAM_service

You can participate in the public beta after obtaining test coins.

[Participation process]

Open the test network through ADAM BOX DAPP:

and then connect to the wallet address and add miners on the DAPP homepage:

You need to fill in the mining pool code (we provide it to you) and the mining machine ID (generated by the mining machine plug-in); after filling in, you will get the actual storage space of your mining machine;

Pool Code( You can choose any one of below):


Note: The plug-in “Supervisor” installation command currently only supports Linux systems.

1. Login to the server (mining machine) where the plug-in needs to be installed

2. Switch root privileges (note: because the execution task needs to be set to self-start, root privileges are required)

3. Execute the command: bash -c “$(wget -O -)”, wait for the download and installation to complete

4. After the installation is complete, check the device number (miner ID) through the cat /usr/local/Supervisor.log command

5. ADAM test coin address: 0xE4C0996fAF3871055195124a3004DB32Dc95C638

After the plug-in is successfully installed, you can operate pledge mining. Enter the available storage space in the “Pledge” column, for example: 1T/ADAM (Note: 30 ADAM pledged per 1T), and complete the corresponding pledge through the test coins provided by us;

After the pledge is successful, the machine you bound and the corresponding amount of pledged space will appear on the homepage, as shown in the figure below. At this point, the node has successfully contributed the effective storage space of the server and began to enjoy the benefits of ADAM.

The income will be released every day at 0:00; 25% of the income obtained can be released immediately on the same day, and the remaining 75% will be liner released within 180 days. After the income is issued, the user can report the income data to us on the next day, and we will measure whether the income data is accurate. Thank you for your support!


1. The end time of activity will be 9:00 am UTC on November 10th, which may be adjusted according to the test situation. The deadline will be announced on official channels 3 working days in advance;

2. All rewards will be configured according to the storage power after the official network of wide area nodes is launched, and the method of obtaining rewards will be notified through official channels;

3. Users who are found to be cheating will be disqualified for rewards;

4. ADAMoracle reserves the right of final interpretation for the above content.

ADAMoracle is the first multi-chain decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node price feeding. It is a blockchain infrastructure service facility that builds web3.0, which can provide smart contract developers with comprehensive tools and data, as well as more security and convenience The overall solution of the oracle. ADAMoracle will usher in a new era of Oracle 3.0 and promote the development of rich business formats such as lending, asset synthesis, and forecasting markets.

The purpose of ADAMoracle is to build a safe, credible, accurate, decentralized oracle network that prevents witch attacks, and can be self-maintained. It replaces traditional oracles with Turing intelligence and builds a distributed wide-area node oracle into Web3.0. Network.

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