Wide Area Node Network Enables ADAMoracle to Expand ‘DataFi’ Market

5 min readMar 1, 2022

On February 11, 2022, the computing power of the ADAMoracle wide-area node network exceeded 100,000 TIB. High-quality nodes from all over the world have endowed ADAMoracle ecological network with powerful off-chain computing capabilities. ADAMoracle will use this to deepen the on-chain data market and create “DataFi” applications.

From Web1.0 to Web3.0, it has always been a revolution around data. The early Internet platforms represented by Twitter and Facebook quickly achieved “monopoly” in some fields through the control of user data, and grew into numerous business empires. However, in the on-chain world, the value of data is currently underexploited. Everyone understands the importance of data, but cannot use it effectively. Although the world on the chain is open and transparent, the information is too complex and different ecosystems are independent of each other, which makes data processing more difficult and the cost of obtaining data higher.

As a native cross-chain application, ADAMoracle can widely absorb the data generated by ecological users and DAPPs on each chain, and transmit the data to the off-chain for calculation, which can effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient computing power on the chain and promote the decentralization of DAPP data computing.

DataFi is the abbreviation of Data Finance, also known as “data capitalization”, which broadly refers to data resources legally owned or controlled by organizations. Financial or commercial activities that can directly or indirectly bring economic and social benefits with structured or unstructured data such as text, images, and databases. On the basis of this definition, ADAMoracle added that “DataFi” refers to the combination of real world and on-chain data, with structured or unstructured data such as text, images, databases, etc., for DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and other on-chain Apply financial or commercial activities that can directly or indirectly bring economic and social benefits. Its core is to empower the industry ecology, and thus provide commercializable high-value data for the development of the world on the chain.

ADAMoracle–data transfer and off-chain computation

ADAMoracle is the first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area nodes, and its core function can connect thousands of hardware servers as nodes. The data link layer, network layer and transport layer of the chain ecology are constructed, which can effectively ensure the encryption security of data. The wide-area node network built by ADAMoracle can not only transmit off-chain data and information to the on-chain, but also aggregate on-chain information into off-chain processing. Reduce data usage and computational costs.

ADAMoracle is a bridge between on-chain and off-chain data, and plays a role in the transmission and integration of on-chain and off-chain data. The user’s on-chain behavior and DAPP’s on-chain activities will generate corresponding data, which are very valuable. For example, each on-chain transaction and transfer of a user will generate data, and the information researched by the data is often objective and authoritative, which can even depict the real-time and exclusive portrait of each user at different times.

The data information on the chain is complex, and the seemingly simple data integration function actually requires strong off-chain computing power as support. The global distributed data source built by ADAMoracle is the basis for “DataFi” to realize the commercialization of data information. At present, ADAMoracle wide-area nodes have spread all over the Middle East, Europe, Asia and other major regions. They are both calculators and transmitters of data.

“DataFi” — Derivative Applications of Commercial Data

The data integrated by ADAMoracle through the off-chain computation of the wide-area node network can be divided into several stages of development. According to the development stage, data assets can be divided into raw data, rough data, finishing data, data for preliminary exploration of application scenarios, and data for commercialization. Only commercialized data can derive “DataFi” applications.

The “DataFi” created by ADAMoracle has the following characteristics:

Insubstantiality: The data asset itself does not have a physical form, and needs to rely on a physical carrier to exist.

Reliability: Data must be stored in a certain medium. The same data can exist on multiple media simultaneously in different forms.

Diversity: Data assets have the characteristics of diversity in expression and fusion form.

Processability: Data can be maintained, updated, supplemented, and added; it can also be deleted, merged, aggregated, and redundant; it can also be analyzed, refined, mined, and processed to obtain deeper data resources.

Volatility of value: The value of data assets is affected by many different factors and changes over time, resulting in the volatility of the value of data assets.

Due to the above characteristics of “DataFi”, in the process of realizing its value, even if the same commercial data is used, the value of “DataFi” varies depending on its application fields, usage methods, and profit-making methods.

The application of ADAMoracle “DataFi”, taking the address on the chain as an example:

The addresses on the chain are not just simple fund deposit information. ADAMoracle can quickly distinguish active and dormant addresses through research and analysis and classify the degree of interaction activity; the digital assets retained in the addresses can distinguish the track that users pay attention to, and their investment preferences are It can even predict to a certain extent the asset class that the user will trade with a high probability next; similarly, ADAMoracle can classify and stratify the user’s capital size, risk preference and other information.

In addition to addresses, ADAMoracle can also track digital assets on the chain, including their historical market trends, capital inflows, etc., which is also one of the important landing scenarios of “DataFi”.

The refined data information processed by ADAMoracle is not only helpful for user investment, but also an “useful tools” for the rapid development of the project. For example, investors who are concerned about the market can use the list statistics such as “increase”, “hotness”, and “funding”, to quickly find out the current hot coins, potential coins and their risk coins. It can not only avoid risks, but also maximize investment returns; and project parties located in the market can quickly find high-quality user groups through accurate data. The anonymity of the information on the chain can effectively protect the privacy of users. The project party can attract users’ attention through airdrops, and users can also benefit from it.

The “DataFi” application created by ADAMoracle serves the consumer and business users who obtain data through the ADAMoracle network. In the coming metaverse era, data is assets and data is value. ADAMoracle enables every role involved in data circulation, such as producing data, computing data, transmitting data, and storing data, to obtain corresponding benefits. By joining the ADAMoracle ecosystem, data producers can also become data users. ADAMoracle will serve the users on the chain and enrich the ecology on the chain, and will also give back to every node that builds the Web3.0 oracle network ecology.




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