Weekly Report (July 29th-August 17th)

3 min readAug 17, 2021

【Tech progress】

1. The pledge joint debugging function of wide-area node mining DAPP has been completed, and users can successfully conduct decentralized pledge ADAM mining;

2. The homepage function of the DAPP has been completed, including displaying the total computing power and total income. UserS can query each pledge order detail;

3. The lock-up function of DAPP has been completed, the user’s income is linearly released and locked, the current user’s income is calculated every day, and the position is locked through smart contracts;

4. The monitoring server function has been completed. This function realizes real-time monitoring of the server and checks whether the server can mine normally and the security status of the server;

5. The update of the ADAMoracle official website has been completed, and the updated official website content is more abundant, which comprehensively enhances the user experience.

【Community & Marketing】

  1. On August 2, Ahmed Ebrahim, CEO of ADAMoracle, guested the DeFi 7 o’clock community to talk about the new trend of Oracle 3.0 and the importance of the wide-area node price system.

2.On August 10th, Ahmed Ebrahim visited Qicai community to deeply analyze the wide-area node quotation system and got support from 40 financial media.

3.On August 11, ADAMoracle announced that it has officially obtained SenQiCapital’s strategic investment and established a partnership with SenQiCapital to jointly explore the innovative development of the blockchain industry and focus on the full deployment of the DeFi field.

4.On August 13, ADAMoracle and the Lian Daodao launched a special event for the Chinese Valentine’s Day. From August 13th to August 16th, ADAMoracle will give out Chinese Valentine’s Day gifts, and users can participate in interactive games to get gifts.

5.On August 13, ADAMoracle and Sifan Academy jointly conducted an AMA live broadcast, telling how ADAMoracle became the mainstay of Oracle 3.0.

6.On August 13, ADAMoracle announced that it has officially received Polygon Grant support, which will provide a safer and more accurate oracle solution for Polygon ecological projects.

7.On August 17, ADAMoracle and Lian Daodao jointly conducted an AMA live broadcast to interpret the innovative risk control model of ADAMoracle.




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