Weekly Report

Technological progress

2 min readJul 7, 2021

1. Build the ADAMoracle wide-area node product framework;

2. Complete the investigation of computing node mining products;

3. Carry out the development of node browser products;

4. Development of node computing power trading products;

5. Deploy the smart contract code for node mining-user income function;

6. The new version of ADAMoracle official website has been updated.

Community and Marketing

  1. On June 23, ADAMoracle launched the “European Cup Time” quiz activity. Community users can participate in quiz for multiple matches and win 10,000 ADAM rewards. This activity ends on June 30.

2. On June 23, ADAMoracle was reported by the well-known overseas media Crypto Daily.

3. On June 24, Ahmed Ebrahim, CEO of ADAMoracle, invited by Crypto Nation, a well-known overseas community, and talked about the new development of ADAMoracle.

4. On July 5th, ADAMoracle released a promotional video on the theme of “Oracle 3.0”. Christopher Quet, co-founder and chief marketing officer of ADAMoracle, described the core values of ADAMoracle for 2 minutes. The Youtube link as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6q0I0SO5MU&t=4s




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