Weekly Report (11.25–12.10)

3 min readDec 10, 2021

【Tech progress】

1.The Supervisor plug-in is optimized and upgraded to solve the compatibility problem of the system;

2.AdamScan mobile end and Web end are upgraded to solve the problem of chart display and server distribution map display;

3.Adam reward distribution is upgraded to improve the delay of reward distribution when the BSC chain is congested;

4.AdamBox function page is optimized to improve the user experience;

5.The smart contract released by Adam’s lock-up is under development.

【Community & Marketing】

1.On November 26th, ADAMoracle announced that the computing power of the network exceeded 34,000 TIB, the number of ADAM pledges reached 1 million, and the pledge value exceeded 6 million US dollars.

2.On November 26th, the global strategy officer of ADAMoracle Michael Clare, visited the Keybee Club to reveal the fundamental reason why the ADAM wide-area node network attracted a large number of miners to run into the field as soon as it went online.

3.On November 30th, Michael Clare analyzed the details of the wide-area node pledge in the YouTube live broadcast room, and gave a detailed explanation on the node revenue, payback period, ADAM price and other related news.

4.On December 1st, ADAM Box officially launched BitKeep DApp. Users can reduce operating costs and directly participate through DApp.

5.On December 4th, ADAMoracle announced that the computing power of the network reached 50,000 TIB, the number of ADAM pledges exceeded 1,500,000, and the total pledge value exceeded 10 million U.S. dollars.

6.On December 7th, ADAMoracle and Coinhub launched a joint airdrop event. Users who completed a series of tasks such as following Twitter and joining Telegrm can receive airdrop token. The prize pool is 15,000,000 SHIB and 70 ADAM. The event will end on December 14th.

7.On December 8th, the price of ADAM reached $7.06. Since the wide-area node network was launched, the price has not been affected by the market volatility, and has grown steadily, with an increase of over 17.67%.

8.On December 10th, Michael Clare visited the Coinhub community to share the latest development of the ADAMoracle wide-area node network and airdrop worth $500 ADAM in the live broadcast room.

【Upcoming Events】

1.ADAM will launch on PancakeSwap soon, by supporting ADAM/USDT trading pairs.

2.ADAMoracle is about to launch the AMA column “Moon Boat”, inviting many industry guests to analyze industry hotspots and excavate high-quality projects.

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