Weekly Report(1.25–3.1)

3 min readMar 3, 2022

Tech progress

1. The ADAM event reward airdrop has been issued;

2. The ADAM official website has been upgraded, and some pages have been optimized to improve the user’s operating experience;

3. The ADAM mining reward distribution system has been upgraded to improve the efficiency of reward distribution;

4. The ADAMBox page has been upgraded, and the pledge ratio display has been optimized;

5. The ADAMoracle price feed system has been updated, and multiple quotation sources have been added.

Community & Marketing

  1. On February 11, the computing power of ADAMoracle’s entire network exceeded 100,000 TIB, the number of ADAM pledges reached 3 million, and the pledge value exceeded 2.5 million US dollars.

2. On February 15th, ADAMoracle announced to recruit ecological promoters around the world, looking for community users who recognize the ecological value of the project and can promote the project. Promoters will be rewarded with ADAM tokens.

3. On February 16th, ADAMoracle started the second Q&A oline live broadcast of the Chinese community, CSO Michael Clare. In the live broadcast, the current development of ADAMoracle and the long-term ecological planning were described.

4. On February 23, ADAMoracle launched a creative competition. Participating users can get rewards by creating interesting pictures around ADAM, and outstanding creators can get more abundant ADAM tokens.

5. On February 25th, ADAMoracle launched a question and answer activity, where users can ask questions about the project. The selected users can not only get the opportunity to answer the questions in person by COS, but also receive additional ADAM rewards.

6. On February 28, according to ADAMScan statistics, the computing power of ADAMoracle’s entire network exceeded 110,000 TIB, and the total number of ADAM pledged was 3.31 million, with a total pledge value of over 26.8 million US dollars.

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