Weekely Updates

【Tech progress】

1. The Supervisor plug-in is optimized and upgraded to solve the compatibility problem of higher version systems;

2. The ADAM smart contract address has been deployed on Binance Smart Chain, and the mapping of ADAM was completed;

3. The optimization of ADAMBox has been completed. optimized the contract authorization and pledge process, and solves the problem of pledge failure;

4. Optimization of the reward calculation and distribution process of the mining program;

5. ADAMBox, ADAMScan and mining programs are officially launched.

【Community & Marketing】

1. On November 17th, ADAMoracle announced the completion of the 1:1 mapping of ADAM tokens. ADAM holders can add new tokens through the new contract address: 0x59802AC95f2399c929a096171C1bee93C27daE90.

2. On November 17th, ADAMoracle passed the Certik audition, which represents that ADAMoracle has more technical capabilities in avoiding risks and vulnerabilities and can effectively guarantee the security of transactions.

3. On November 18th, ADAMoracle announced that it will officially launch the wide area node network, starts the first ohase of 12,000,000 ADAM pool minning.

4. On November 22nd, ADAMoracle wide-area node network was officially launched, and the global press conference was held simultaneously. Michael Clare, the global strategy officer of ADAMoracle, and the host Olga sat in the zoom meeting room to interpret the development prospects of ADAMoracle.

5. On November 22nd, Michael Clare, the global strategy officer of ADAMoracle, visited the 7 o’clock community to explore together with users about why the ADAMoracle continues to lead the way.

【Media Report】


StreetInsider.com: https://www.streetinsider.com/Newsfile/Beta+Test+Running+for+Two+Weeks+with+Computing+Power+Exceeding+1%2C000%2C000TIB%2C+ADAMoracle+Wide-area+Node+Network+Will+be+Launch+Soon/19244005.html



Twitter: @ADAM_Oracle




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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