Weekely Updates(11.25–12.31)

【Tech progress】

1. Official website is updated and upgrade some pages to improve user experience and optimize

2. Upgraded the ADAMScan browser to solve the problem of incorrect display of server supply times;

3. The rewards for the recent ADAM airdrop activities have been distributed;

4. ADAM reward issuance upgrade, to optimize and upgrade the reward distribution delay problem when the BSC chain is congested;

5. The ADAMBox page is optimized to enhance the user’s operating experience;

6. ADAMoracle ecological chain development preparation, research on major ecological chains.

【Community & Marketing】

  1. December 14, ADAMoracle launched an airdrop event. Users who complete tasks such as forwarding Twitter and joining the “Moon Boat AMA” telegram group can share $5000 ADAM.

2. December 14th, ADAMoracle was reported by a well-known host of Japanese TV station, saying that it is fully expanding the global market. With the continuous increase of wide-area nodes, it has attracted a large number of Japanese nodes to participate. The host shared the advantages of ADAMoracle.

3. December 16, ADAMoracle joined NEAR and UniArts to launch a joint airdrop of $1500. From December 16 to December 23, users can receive ADAM, NEAR, and UART tokens by completing form tasks.

4. On December 17, the first phase of the industry hot column “Moon Boat” launched by ADAMoracle was stared. NEAR and UniArts Network project parties were invited to discuss the topic of “The NFT Waves Based on New Public Chain” with ADAMoracle.

5. December 21, ADAMoracle statistics showed that the computing power of the entire network exceeded 70PIB, the number of ADAM pledges reached 2.1 million, and the total value of pledges exceeded 15 million dollars.

6. December 23, ADAMoracle launched a Christmas airdrop event. Users can participate in various tasks such as Twitter interaction, watch video , and lottery, and have the opportunity to receive an airdrop of ADAM tokens worth $500.

7. December 30, ADAMoracle announced a New Year airdrop event. As of January 5, 2022, airdrop $10,000 ADAM to the community. Users can interact with ADAMoracle’s official Twitter and Telegram to receive airdrop benefits.

【Contact Us】








The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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