Weekely Updates(1.1–1.24)

3 min readJan 24, 2022

【Tech progress】

1. The reward distribution of ADAM’s recent airdrop activities has been completed;

2. The official website of ADAMoracle has been upgraded, and some pages have been optimized to improve the user’s operating experience;

3. The ADAM mining reward distribution system has been upgraded, and a new reward reissuing mechanism has been added;

4. The supervisor system of the mining plug-in has been upgraded to be compatible with the latest version of Ubuntu;

5. The price-feeding system of the ADAMoracle has been updated, and the deployment of the new ecological chain has entered the preparation stage.

【Community & Marketing】

1.On January 7, the computing power of ADAMoracle’s entire network exceeded 80PIB, and the number of ADAM pledged has reached 2.4 million, with a total pledged value of over 18 million US dollars.

2.On January 11, ADAMoracle released the #What’s your fav potential token in 2022?# topic event on Twitter, and users who participated in the discussion had the opportunity to get ADAM tokens.

3.On January 13th, ADAMoracle released the Telegram airdrop activity. Users who complete the relevant tasks according to the instructions will have the opportunity to win prizes. The activity ends on February 4th, and the top 50 users will be selected to airdrop different shares of ADAM tokens.

4.On January 16, Japan’s CDSS held the “ADAM New World” project briefing session in Tokyo, which was conducted in the form of online and offline simultaneous live broadcasts. Introduced the future technical path and application scenarios of ADAM in detail by the lecturer Netease Zhong Deji, which attracted interested enthusiasts from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Dubai and other countries to participate in the conference.

5. On January 18th, the computing power of ADAMoracle’s entire network exceeded 90PIB, the number of ADAM pledged reached 2.7 million, and the total pledged value exceeded 22 million US dollars.

6. On January 21, ADAMoracle launched a voting topic on Twitter on “What NFT form users hope ADAMoracle will use to empower the ecosystem”, and selected 10 users to issue airdrops for ADAM activities.

7. On January 24th, ADAMoracle conducted a Q&A live broadcast in the Chinese community, and invited CSO Michael Clare to communicate with representatives of the Chinese community around the development of ADAMoracle. The live broadcast also launched a Twitter airdrop activity, and 10 users were selected to give ADAM token airdrops.

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