Video Solicitation!!

Jun 24, 2022


Share your videos and get ADAM rewards,Say what you know about ADAM or what you expect from ADAM.


Video size: 16:9

Video background: clean and uncomplicated

Video pixel: clear portrait, bright light

Voice: No murmurs, clearly and fluently

Language: English


1. I won’t miss anything out of ADAM.

2. ADAM is a really good web3.0 project.

3. Without doubt, ADAM is one of the best project.


Send video to


The reward is divided into three levels, which meet the requirements of the event, and the video screen is clear. Contributors with a clear theme will receive higher rewards.

1st : $60 ADAM

2nd : $30 ADAM

3rd: $10 ADAM


June 24 — June 28




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0