Token Economic Model Adjustment

2 min readOct 21, 2021

Thanks to community users for your kindly support of ADAMoracle. Due to the adjustment of ADAM’s token economic model, the official airdrop will be distributed in proportion to the day after the launch of CEX.

The total issuance of ADAM is 100,000,000, and its token distribution mainly includes the following parts:

Wide-area Node Mining (60%): 60 million, used for wide-area node mining rewards;

Community Contributor Reward (5%): 5 million, used for community contributor reward;

Liquidity Mining (9%): 9 million, used for liquidity mining and pledge mining;

Privater Sale (13%): 13 million, of which the private placement phase is three months after the centralized exchange is launched, and it will be released in batches in 24 months;

Initial circulation (3%): 3 million, used for the initial mining pledge;

Community/market operations: 5%, 5 million; used for community airdrops, market cooperation, team operations, etc.;

Team reservation: 5%, 5 million;

The current market cap of ADAMoracle: Circulation 3 million *6.2( current token price) = 18.6 million USD

At the same time, the team has successfully completed the first round of wide-area node network testing, and will conduct the second round soon. Eventually, the wide-area node mining will be officially launched in early November.

About ADAMoracle

ADAMorcle is a wide-area concept that was generated from ADAM laboratory to achieve cross-chain and provide price feeding services based on storage servers. Its core function can link storage server as a feeding node, ensure data security, and jointly develop ADAMoracle into one of the important members of the global DeFi ecosystem. it forms an ecosystem of oracles that will enter the Web3.0 graph wide-area concept.

In the future, ADAMoracle wide-area nodes will be spread all over the Middle East, Europe, Asia and other major regions. At that time, we will see many miners from all over the world and ADAMoracle jointly build a Web3.0 distributed wide-area node oracle network ecosystem. Global miners and ADAMoracle will jointly shoulder the mission of building a global decentralized oracle ecosystem. ADAMoracle has obtained Polygon, KINE Network, Collinstar, Chain Capital,Consensus Lab, BTX Capital, ZB Labs, Chainup Capital, 7o’clock Capital, and Redline DAO support and investment




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