The Retrograder in a Bear Market: An Analyze of the Moat ADAM Built for Investors

6 min readJun 16, 2022

The extreme trend of the recent crypto market has once again reminded investors that keeping the principal safe is the first priority of investment. Looking at the global financial market, there are only a few that are more volatile than digital currencies. According to data from CMC, the top ten cryptocurrencies by market value have generally fallen by more than 20% in the past week, and BTC has fallen by as much as 24.58%. Other altcoins are even worse. But at this time of sorrow, there is still a project that has maintained a long-term steady rise in market value, which is ADAM, the first Web3.0-based encrypted data computing network.

Data sourced from CMC

The market value of ADAM has maintained a steady growth since it was launched on the decentralized exchange. The circulation of ADAM was only 3 million with price of $6 in the early days. With the development of ADAM node mining, however, more and more ADAM shares flowed into the market gradually. What’s more, the amazing thing is that the increase in ADAM circulation not only did not cause the currency price to fall, but also promoted the steady growth of ADAM’s circulating market value. As of press time, the total value of ADAM pledge has exceeded 40 million dollars. During the same period, due to the tightening monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, the crypto market ushered in a large-scale retreat. BTC fell from US$69,200 to around US$20,700, and the market value shrank by as much as 70%. The market value of many altcoins even evaporated by more than 90%.

Thus, why is ADAM able to get out of the market capitalization against the market in such a big environment?

The valuation of the project and the currency price are actually a reflection of the future value of the project itself. For example: Tesla’s stock price has risen sharply over the past few years, even far exceeding the current actual value of the company. Because the capital has fulfilled its future expectations for Tesla ahead of time, they believe that Tesla can reach or even exceed this value in the future. The Fed’s tightening monetary policy can not only control and reduce the money supply in the market, but more importantly, it changes the capital’s expectations of the economic situation in the next few years. Yes, it’s all about anticipation.

The reason why ADAM can have an independent market is also the expectation. Firstly, it’s about the project party’s risk management. ADAM has given investors enough anti-risk expectations. Secondly, the development of ADAM has given confidence to institutions and early investors, who have stable growth expectations for ADAM. Therefore, it is not difficult to find out that there is no excessive selling in ADAM currency prices whether in the primary market or the secondary market.

How exactly does ADAM achieve “expectation management”? The following three aspects of ADAM’s risk-proof moat for investors are discussed in terms of “economic model”, “revenue channel” and “development plan”.

Economic Model

The token ADAM is not only the project’s contribution volume reward pass to participants, but also the value core of the ecosystem, with a total issuance of 100 million pieces. Specific share allocations can be found in the following images.

1. [Wide- area node mining] (60%): 60 million for wide area node mining reward expenditures.

2. [Community contributor rewards] (5%): 5 million for expenditures on community contributor rewards.

3. [Liquidity mining] (9%): 9 million for liquidity mining and single coin pledge mining.

4. [Early exchange] (13%): 13 million, early shares will be released in batches of 24 months after ADAM goes live on the centralized exchange for three months.

5. [Initial circulation] (3%): 3 million for initial mining collateral for early miners.

6. [community/marketing operations] (5%): 5 million for community airdrop, market cooperation, team operations, etc.

7. [Reserved by the team] (5%): 5 million.

From the economic model, we can see that ADAM’s risk expectation management for investors lies in the extremely low initial circulation of tokens and the long lock-up and unlocking mechanism. Both ADAM’s early exchange shares and node mining shares have corresponding unlocking time cycles, which solves the dumping problem in the early stage of the project on the economic side, thus giving confidence to coin buyers to hold their coins. In addition, ADAM is seeking a decentralized governance ecology, project party and investment institutions only occupy a small number of ADAM shares, and the majority of ADAM shares are given to nodes, which gives nodes the incentive to participate in ADAM ecological construction.

Revenue Channels

ADAM builds a whole crypto data economic ecology, in which investment institutions, nodes and investors can establish their own revenue models. For example: providing funds for ADAM project development, participating in node mining, participating in ADAM project construction, providing community contributions, participating in project activities and a series of other activities. The project will give a generous incentive to partners who are interested in building the ADAM ecology.

Node mining is one of the important channels to participate in the ADAM ecology and achieve revenue. Since the launch of node mining, participants have been rewarded handsomely, on one hand from mining, on the other hand, from wealth appreciation due to the rise in ADAM coin price. Moreover, ADAM also conducted a large-scale airdrop campaign to nodes, and in the future in the future, they will participate in sharing 40% of ADAM’s commercial revenue.

ADAM has created a long-term positive revenue stream for a wide range of investors, which is in line with the expectation of solid long-term growth in ADAM’s market capitalization.

Development Plan

As the first encrypted data computing network based on Web3.0, ADAM focuses on on-chain data management and the future development prospects of Web3.0. ADAM will realize on-chain data visualization and give full play to the value of on-chain data in the future.

At present, ADAM, who has globalized nodes all over the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and other major regions, has established a decentralized organization ADAO and issued governance tokens. In order to implement the development concept of Web3.0, ADAM combines smart contracts and DAO governance, replaces centralized institutions with automated execution procedures, and empowers users with governance rights with DAO, so that the value of the individual is fully manifested and the sovereignty of the data on the chain is returned to the individual.

ADAM will also realize the barrier-free flow of ecological data information off-chain and on-chain. By building a global wide-area node network, it will generate powerful off-chain computing capabilities, perform millisecond-level encrypted computing, and create a real commercial-grade “DataFi” application. Connecting all the links of data producing , computing, transmitting, storing, using and so on, and in the form of smart contracts, the right of each role participating in data circulation can be guaranteed, and benefits can be distributed according to the agreement.

Recently, ADAM’s development concept and plan were recognized by top institutions in the industry at the Consensus 2022, which brought more possibilities for the future development of the project.

In summary, the root of ADAM’s ability to become a bear market retrograder has been clarified: prioritizing risk and building multiple moats. ADAM’s approach to expectation management is not magical, either. It is based on the present, focusing on the future, taking prevention as an offense, which not only avoided a financial storm, but also created a bright future.




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