The First Round of Public Beta of ADAMoracle ended successfully

At 24:00 on September 27, ADAMoracle Labs announced that the first round of the public beta of the ADAMoracle wide-area node network has been successfully concluded. Our team completed various server adaptation tests during the two-week public test, and successfully completed product improvements and upgrades. After the ADAMoracle wide-area node network is officially launched, the official will reward community airdrop based on the test issue and other specific conditions.

ADAMoracle, as a decentralized oracle that supports the “wide-area nodequotaton” mechanism, aims to build a oracle network that is safe, credible, accurate, prevent “Sybil Attack” and self-maintainable. Replace traditional oracles with Turing intelligence,start the oracle 3.0 era that “everyone can participate in the price feeding”.