The First Decentralized Oracle That Supports Wide-area Node Quotation

The Birth of ADAMoracle

Our Background Advantage

In order to meet the growing demand of the market, in July 2020, the ADAMoracle laboratory was officially established in the Emirate of Dubai, led by Ahmed Ebrahim, the founder and CEO of ADAMoracle, and the team led by CMO Christopher Quet and COO Olga Petrovska set out to create brilliant oracle products .

ADAMoracle Builds Web3.0 Distributed Wide-area Node Computing Oracle Network

Major Features of ADAMoracle System

High security: ADAMoracle avoids a single point of failure by connecting multiple nodes to calculate and verify the quotation; the both way quotation and price verification prevent ADAMoracle from related attacks and further losses to customers;

ADAMoracle data aggregator:

Data aggregators obtain key data from multiple exchanges (for example: OKEx, Coinbase, Huobi, Binance, etc.), and transmit the most reliable data to the ecosystem, thereby providing safe and reliable prices for the DeFi protocol Data, truly realize the decentralization of ADAMoracle data source and ensure the openness and transparency of data;

Node Computing provider:

As the first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node quotation, the data service on the ADAMoracle chain has the advantage of high security and low threshold. The ADAMoracle has created a grand node service network, which can accommodate thousands of service providers for data verification and quotation services at the same time, which not only ensures the accuracy and credibility of the data, but also improves the anti-attack of the oracle itself. Lower the threshold for participation. Any enterprise or individual that has certain basic server equipment, has certain technical operation and maintenance capabilities, and can start nodes to complete Docker images, can join the ADAMoracle ecosystem and share the token ADAM dividend.

Storage Service Provider

ADAMoracle not only implements a wide-area distributed quotation system under the multi-node computing network, but also securely distributes the generated on-chain/off-chain data to the blockchain storage system to prevent data loss. The decentralized oracle network is committed to the fact that every mining machine can become a offerer and verifier, participate in the oracle price quotation, and jointly govern and decide the future development route of ADAMoracle.

Our Economic Advantages

ADAMoracle for sustainable long-term development

There are several ways to obtain ADAM tokens:

1. Participate in mining to obtain

50% of ADAM tokens are produced by mining, which is one of the main ways to obtain ADAM. Users can obtain ADAM token rewards by participating in pledge or liquidity mining;

2. Participate the ADAMoracle architecture

At present, the ADAMoracle has officially started the recruitment of global nodes, and many storage nodes will be recruited in the future. As a member of the ADAMoracle ecosystem, you can not only share the ADAMoracle development dividends, but also share the handling fees paid by the data demander. Currently, many Dapp projects have rigid data requirements. When they issue data requests to the ADAMoracle oracle machine, they need to pay ADAM as a handling fee. The node computing provider can obtain the corresponding ADAM by providing accurate quotation for the data demander; Aggregators and storage service providers can also get a corresponding share.

3.Participate to build up ADAMoracle ecological

ADAMoracle is a project that adopts decentralized community voting governance. The higher the value contribution of ecological members, the more ADAM token incentives will be obtained.



The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0