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2 min readFeb 15, 2022

ADAMoracle is the industry’s first decentralized oracle that adopts the “wide-area node price feeding” mechanism, has received the attention and support of many community users and developers since its launch. In the past year, its token ADAM was officially launched on a decentralized exchange DODO. Up to now, the token ADAM has risen steadily by more than 43%. In November of the same year, its first round of wide-area node mining was officially launched. At present, the participating computing power of the entire network has exceeded 100P, the pledged amount of the entire network has exceeded 3 million, and the value has exceeded 26 million US dollars. In the past 24 hours, the mining output has exceeded 32,000 ADAM! ADAMoracle shows a good growth trend as a whole!

Since the establishment of the ADAMoracle community, there have been more than 10 outstanding overseas community ambassadors active in Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, which have become a strong link between ADAMoracle and its users’ community. In order to allow more users to join the ecological construction of the community, to create greater influence, we are now launching a new round of ambassador recruitment plans for ADAMorale, looking forward to more like-minded partners joining!


Speak for ADAMoracle through high-quality blockchain communities or other social media, introduce the value and application of ADAMoracle to potential users properly, and expand brand awareness!

Note: The interaction of the same group on the same day will be recorded once, if the interaction is good, it can be rewarded as appropriate.

Assessment criteria

Ask for a referral link or a verifiable screenshot

Ladder tokens will be rewarded according to the weekly completion of tasks

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