Oracles may become new outlets for the concept of metaverse

5 min readDec 2, 2021


Since Facebook decided to change its name to Meta and enter the meta universe with all its strength, the whole world has fallen into a crazy involution mode. Major industry giants have tried to seize the trend of this huge change.

The original meaning of “meta” is “transcendence”. When it and “universe” form a “metaverse”, it means “a world that transcends the universe”. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as a virtual reality (VR) space in which users can interact with computer-generated environments and other people. Since the beginning of this year, “Meta Universe” has become a popular concept sought after by many domestic and foreign technology giants.

But for now, the development of the meta universe is still in its infancy, and there are many uncertain factors. Of course, the future is worth looking forward to, but it may have to go through several iterations, and its real applicating time will be longer than people expected.

The meta-universe is a virtual world composed of data, which requires blockchain and many other technical support

If you want to enter Metaverse, you need to include many other technical elements to support. A well-known scholar once pointed out: “The Metaverse not only includes 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, data in the digital economy, but also integrates VR, The forward-looking layout of technologies such as AR, brain-computer interfaces, and the Internet of Things.”

In addition, he also stated: “The meta universe is a world composed of data. Distributed data storage has become the basic way to maintain the lasting operation of the meta universe. At the same time, in the process of using data, data producers, managers, integrators, There is a certain fuzzy intersection of rights between users and other roles, which makes it difficult to confirm the property rights of data elements, which will lead to a large amount of data abuse. Blockchain is the key technology and infrastructure to solve this series of problems. Power and data are the foundation for the development of Metaverse and the digital economy. Internet innovation fields such as digital government, financial technology, smart healthcare, and smart manufacturing all require computing power.”

One of the core requirements of meta universe applications is that it should not be controlled by a subject, but should be decentralized. Therefore, we have to mention some unique tracks in the blockchain field, including oracles, decentralized storage, decentralized network transmission, and decentralized computing. As a meta universe platform, we need to use these decentralized underlying technologies to ensure the safety of the platform, and not become a centralized control tool, which is vital to the development of the meta universe.

The blockchain here has a very low-level conceptual classification, including public chains, alliance chains, private chains, etc. It is precisely because of them that it constitutes such a vast new track and new technology as the blockchain, and it also allows Blockchain technology has basic applications. The other biggest feature of the blockchain is that it is decentralized and immutable, so it can transmit value and rights. Therefore, the blockchain is also called the Internet of Value, which makes the meta verse more valuable and realistic.

The oracle is a basic service facility that cannot be bypassed by the meta universe

When it comes to the application of blockchain, one thinks of smart contracts, and when it comes to smart contracts, one thinks of oracles. As the basic service facility of blockchain, the data services provided by the oracle cover most of the current blockchain applications, whether it is Dapp, NFT, or DeFi, and even various GameFi smart contracts require the oracle to provide data Only the transmission service can operate effectively.

Because the on-chain applications in the blockchain system also originate from the real world, with the expansion of smart contract applications, more and more forward-looking smart contract applications will need to use off-chain resources and be associated with real-world data, so This requires the use of oracles. Because the oracle is an indispensable tool that connects real-world data and blockchain systems. Because of the emergence of oracles, blockchain technology can be applied on a large scale. As basic service facilities, oracles are indispensable in many fields.

Of course, the development of smart contracts is also related to the efficiency of asset transfer on the chain, especially the digital assets in Metaverse. If the efficiency is too slow or the transfer fee is too high, the user experience will be greatly discounted. People are very impressed, so we also need to pay attention to the development of smart contracts, including the development of EVM or Wasm contracts.

ADAMoracle may become new outlets for the concept of meta-universe

The development of the industry is inseparable from the actual technical foundation. Only with the embryonic form of new technology can there be continuous derivative applications. As an advanced application derived from the maturity of various technologies, Metaverse is essentially a virtual world composed of data. The transportation of data is the key to the operation of this world.

Looking around the entire encryption market, there are very few oracle projects that can realize large-scale data transmission services and ensure data security, accuracy, and efficiency. ADAMoracle is one of them.

ADAMoracle is the first multi-chain decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node price feeds. It is also a distributed data source that can provide smart contract developers with comprehensive tools and data, as well as a more secure and convenient Web3.0 zone. It is based on a distributed wide-area node oracle network created by hardware servers, which can connect thousands of nodes to provide accurate, safe and reliable data transmission services, provide high-quality data services for Metaverse applications, and reduce their data acquisition and use cost.

The purpose of ADAMoracle is to build a secure, credible, accurate, decentralized oracle network that prevents sybil attacks, and can be self-maintained. It replaces traditional oracles with Turing intelligence and builds a Web3.0 distributed wide-area node oracle network. At present, ADAMoracle wide-area nodes have spread throughout America, Europe, Asia and other major regions. We can see that many miners from five continents are working with ADAMoracle to build a Web3.0 distributed wide-area node oracle network. ADAMoracle will surely complete the construction.

At present, ADAMoracle has received strategic investment from institutions such as Polygon, KINE, Collinstar, Chain Capital, Consensus Lab, BTX Capital, ZB Labs, Chainup Capital, 7o’clock Capital, and Red Chain Capital. In addition, ADAMoracle has officially deployed BSC. In the future, it will be deployed on public chains such as ETH, Polygon, Polkadot, OKExChain, and Heco to achieve a full ecosystem layout.




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