Michael Clare: Web3.0 is a new era very close to us

3 min readDec 20, 2021


A few days ago, at the U.S. Congress’s crypto currency hearing, some congressmen raised expectations for the development of web3.0, and committee members recognized that the web3.0 platform has the potential to solve many of their concerns, including remittances and financial inclusion. This is the first time that members of Congress have adopted the platform of the committee hearings to emphasize that web3.0 is the future of the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Google Trends data, the search volume for the term web3.0 has rocketed in the past few months. Although web3.0 has been mentioned for a long time, with the development of blockchain technology and the influence of the heat of the metaverse, Web 3.0 applications are grabbing market share from the centralized established enterprises, and fierce competition has begun. It can be seen that the era of web3.0 is coming.

Michael Clare, Global Strategy Officer of ADAMoracle, believes that Web3.0 is a new era closer to us, representing the integration of the Internet and public life, and has entered a new stage of Internet development, which will reduce the monopoly of centralized giants. With the improvement of cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI, blockchain and other technologies, Web3.0 has gradually penetrated into various fields, and the main battlefield will definitely belong to the digital market guided by Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a virtual mapping of the real world. It will be synchronized and intercommunication with the real world. Users conduct social, entertainment, creation, and trading activities in the meta universe. The real assets and value of users can be completely mapped into the Metaverse. This high-performance interaction is in line with the core of Web3.0 development, that is, users can obtain higher freedom based on the Internet.

In this regard, Michael Clare said: The advent of the Web3.0 era is closely related to everyone, and the Metaverse has strengthened people’s closeness to the Internet. This gives us more motivation to innovate, and ADAMoracle also plays an important role in this Internet revolution, in order to cope with the rapid development of meta-universe and NFT.

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual world composed of data. If you want to achieve an immersive experience, the key is to transfer information and value to the real world. The transmission of data is the focus of the operation of this world. It can be said that the oracle has become An indispensable tool for meta-universe and reality mapping.

ADAMoracle, as a decentralized oracle supporting multi-chain operation, can help Metaverse to interact with data and services in the real world. It is suitable for a variety of digital application scenarios, such as the prototype GameFi of Metaverse and NFT, the asset form of Metaverse. , Immersive pioneer VR, SocialFi for realizing personal value, etc.

The “wide-area node price feeding mechanism” initiated by ADAMoracle oracles realizes industry innovation. The network of oracles is constructed with thousands of hardware servers, allowing various types of servers to achieve automated quotation while also having secure aggregation functions. , To ensure the accuracy of the transmission of data and information, not only to better ensure the decentralization and availability of the oracle network, but also to enhance the security and scalability of the oracle network. It has become a Web3 with high security defense performance. .0 Low-level facilities and tools, adapt to the various digital ecological forms of the meta universe.

Regarding the development of Web3.0 under the promotion of Metaverse, Michael Clare is full of expectations: “In the future, we will see more applications grow on the soil of web3, presenting a diversified virtual reality world with unlimited links and interconnected values. I believe The concept of openness and freedom of Web3.0 will gradually become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.”




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