Michael Clare: ADAMoracle represents the future direction of oracles

4 min readDec 10, 2021

Recently, ADAMoracle wide-area node network has been officially launched. Global nodes have participated in the ADAM network pledge. With the continuous advancement of the global market, miners from the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, China and other countries and regions are participating in it.

According to statistics in the past half month, the computing power of the network has exceeded 58,000 TIB, and the number of ADAM pledged has exceeded 1,700,000. It can be seen that the participation of ADAMoracle is still very high, which also represents the global ecosystem of ADAMoracle is expanding.

ADAMoracle, as the industry’s leading oracle, has created a precedent to support wide-area node price feeds, and fully utilizes the core advantages of blockchain technology. It uses thousands of hardware devices to form a wide-area node network, which increases the cost of resisting Sybil attacks , Which really enhances the security of the oracle network.

More and more nodes are joining, and the wide-area node network is continuously growing, laying a foundation for the establishment of the price system of its oracle.

In this regard, ADAMoracle CSO Michael Clare said that our goal has always been to realize the true blockchain concept and involve global nodes, because ADAMoracle’s price-feeding nodes need to accept user data usage requests from exchanges or the Internet of Things. The data is obtained in the database and transmitted to the secure background of ADAMoracle, and then ADAMoracle selects the most accurate node with the most accurate price feeding data through the aggregation contract to complete the price feeding service.

Michael Clare states that from the operation process of ADAMoracle, it can be seen that when more and more price-feeding nodes join the network, it can effectively avoid the collusion or attack of nodes due to a single node. Occurs to ensure the accuracy of the data. At the beginning, our oracle used the concept of wide-area node price feed, which was not available in this field before. Now it seems that we are on the right path. The appearance of 3.0 is becoming more and more decentralized, and more people can participate, providing more accurate price feeding services.”

As the chief strategy officer of ADAMoracle, Michael Clare is responsible for promoting the implementation of the ADAMoracle ecosystem, leading the growth of the strategy from a global perspective, and further promoting the business development of ADAMoracle.

Prior to joining ADAMoracle, Michael Clare worked in the field of digital economy and worked as an economist at the Ministry of Finance of The Bahamas. He is well versed in data analysis and market planning. He also served as an ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council and participated in several global digital economy industry seminars. There are quite some insights about the development of the block field.

Talking about why he chose to join the ADAMoracle team, Michael Clare once bluntly said that he has always been very interested in the oracle field. If the blockchain wants to achieve large-scale applications in a certain field, it must have the service of oracle, and with DeFi, The in-depth development of NFT, Metaverse, and smart contract applications all need to connect to off-chain resources, and the importance of oracles as an infrastructure tool is gradually increasing.

In addition, there is another important reason. Michael Clare knows that it is not difficult for data to be uploaded to the chain through the oracle. The most important thing is to solve the trust problem of the interactive processing of data outside the chain and on chain. This raises a higher requirement for the oracle, and the wide-area node network mechanism of ADAMoracle provides a perfect solution, which will be the development direction of the oracle in the future.

ADAMoracle laboratory is also very optimistic about Michael Clare’s strategic decision-making capabilities by stating that Michael Clare’s rich experience in the industry has played a vital role in guiding the development and success of our project. With the continuous upgrade and development of the project strategy , We are very pleased that Michael Clare has joined the leadership team of the ADAMoracle Lab, and firmly believe that his role as chief strategy officer will definitely speed up the process of project globalization.”




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