Michael Clare:ADAMoracle create DataFi for the long-term consideration of ecological development

3 min readFeb 24, 2022

In the cryptocurrency market, the fluctuations for several months have caused many tokens to fall under the impact of price corrections. At present, ADAM’s market trend does not show any obvious selling in the secondary market. Even in the callback market, ADAM can still maintain a steady rise, which is indeed closely related to the growth of ADAMoracle’s computing power.

On February 19, ADAMoracle CSO Michael Clare launched an online live broadcast to the Chinese community, and answered the questions about ADAMoracle progress and future planning that users have been concerned about, so that users can fully understand the steady price of ADAM root cause of growth.

Michael said that the computing power of ADAMoracle’s entire network has now exceeded 100 PIB, which not only enables the oracle network to achieve powerful computing power, but also effectively guarantees the security and accuracy of on-chain and off-chain data services. The amount of mining revenue, node mining can stably produce more than 30,000 ADAM per day, because the 100 PIB computing power has reached the full load state of ADAMoracle’s first wide-area node mining, ADAM mining has entered the peak period, naturally It will not be greatly affected by the market conditions.

At the beginning of the ADAMoracle network launch, the key layout is to develop wide-area nodes, which is the key advantage of the project. Today, the growth of computing power has laid the foundation for ADAMoracle’s long-term ecological construction and market expansion. For the next step, Michael believes that ADAMoracle’s future investment and incubation will focus on popular tracks such as Web3, NFT, Layer2, and public chains.

Previously, ADAMoracle has also revealed that it will gradually build a community DAO governance platform, and will issue community governance tokens to give community users more rights. Michael pointed out that this is just one of ADAMoracle’s branch layouts. As a decentralized oracle, ADAMoracle’s initiation of DAO governance is an inevitable choice, and for the long-term consideration of ADAMoracle’s ecological development, ADAMoracle will also create DataFi.

DataFi will combine the oracle network to fully tap the value of the data information on the chain. Through the combination of the real world and the data on the chain, structured or unstructured data such as text, images and databases will be used for DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, etc. On-chain applications provide high-value data that can be commercialized.

Regarding the concerns raised by users about the development of DataFi, Michael explained: DataFi application scenarios are extremely diverse. Using the ADAMoracle, based on the data generated by the user’s on-chain transactions and transfers, the user’s investment preferences and tracks of interest can be studied through off-chain calculations and analysis, and even to a certain extent, the assets that the user will trade with a high probability can be predicted. Category; you can also track digital assets on the chain, including their historical market trends, capital inflows, etc.

In a huge application scenario, every role that participates in data circulation, including production data, computing data, data transmission, and data storage, can obtain corresponding benefits. DataFi can help realize real data assetization.

From Michael’s elaboration, it is not difficult to see that ADAMoracle is paying more and more attention to the participation and benefit of community users. Although this is an inevitable development trend towards Web3, ADAMoracle’s development plan is undoubtedly expressing a view that users are ecological value.The decentralized oracle created by ADAMoracle will not only be an infrastructure for the industry, but also an innovative tool. With the gradual development of the construction of DataFi, DAO and global distributed data sources, the opportunities for the ADAMoracle ecosystem will be doubled, and community members will be the beneficiaries of this opportunity!




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