In response to the bear market, ADAM explores the path of sustainable development from on-chain data

4 min readJul 15, 2022

The ups and downs of the crypto market have directly led to the repeated Innovation of major projects in the entire industry. After the prosperity of the bull market is over, only a few truly high-quality projects can survive, overcome the sluggish bear market and welcome the next glory. This inspires every participant in the crypto market to continue to seek truly sustainable solutions. As the first data encryption computing network based on Web3.0, ADAM is based on its own development advantages, deeply cultivated in the field of data on the chain, and exploring the road of sustainable development.

With the rapid development of the global digital economy and the deepening of digital transformation, data centers have been developing rapidly in the past few years and in the foreseeable future. In the past year, ADAM has made significant progress in the construction of distributed data source bases and the deployment of global node network computing power, and has achieved qualitative leaps in on-chain data batch transmission, encryption, and commercial applications. And through joint efforts with industry partners, the current ADAM data encryption computing network participating computing power has exceeded 248,000 TIB. However, this is still a long way from true sustainable development.

ADAM’s vision is to mine the true value of data, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it. To this end, ADAM has created a decentralized autonomous organization ADAO that everyone can participate in; proposed the concept of “DataFi” and developed a commercial application of data on the chain; built a global distributed data source base, with secure off-chain computing, Provide scalable and verifiable accurate data services for smart contracts on the chain.

Building a future-oriented sustainable on-chain data center

When it comes to sustainable development, the first thing that comes to our mind is to increase income and reduce expenditure. Specifically, in the development of ADAM’s on-chain data business, it is manifested in the increase of application scenarios, the increase of partners and the reduction of data use costs. This is also the direction of ADAM’s continuous research for a long time in the past.

With the continuous development of the public chain ecosystems, more and more DAPPs have begun to access the ADAM data encryption computing network to obtain accurate data services and achieve low-cost and efficient development. This demand creates huge fee income opportunities for ADAM nodes, and allows stakers to continue to secure rewards for participating in ADAM network hash power pledges.

In addition, ADAM is building an on-chain data integration platform to further reduce the cost of data usage. The current main directions include on-chain data retrieval, Oracle, data visualization, on-chain data analysis platform, data monitoring plug-ins, and on-chain integrated marketing applications. In this process, we will provide practical assistance to promote the real sustainable development of the data center industry based on the in-depth insights and practical experience of digitalization to promote sustainable development.

Set industry standards and optimize incentive mechanism

Whether it’s a traditional industry or a Web3 industry, it’s common practice to set industry standards by investing money to support critical development efforts. In the Web3 industry, blockchain developers usually use block rewards as an economic incentive mechanism to start projects, and miners/verifiers (ie: block creators) who contribute to the network will receive the cryptocurrency minted by the network as a reward .

As long as the block reward mechanism is established and can operate normally, an economic incentive mechanism will be formed to provide support for a secure node network and buy time for the network to eventually transition to a sustainable economic model.

It should be pointed out that ADAM is about to launch a new equity pledge mechanism and open a new era of sustainable growth. This new phase of development will enable greater transparency as well as stronger cryptoeconomic security. The ADAM economic model will accelerate application through a series of services and continue to improve the economics of the network.

With the deepening of digital transformation, data has become the core asset of enterprises, especially in the field of blockchain. As a leading new blockchain data service provider in the industry, ADAM has rich sustainable experience, leading on-chain data processing technology, and a global node ecosystem. Through innovative and feasible strategic direction, efficient data center design, Strategies such as the incentive mechanism, can make it possible to “enable every role involved in data circulation to benefit from it”.




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