How to participate in trading ADAM

4 min readSep 6, 2021

DODO official website:

Launching Time: 4:00pm, 7th of September (SGT)

Trading Starts at 4:00pm, 7th of September (SGT)

You can trade ADAM once ADAMoracle launched on DODO.

How to participate:

Token: ADAMoracle

Smart Contract Address:0xdde077002982956DF24E23E3f3743BA5e56929fe

How to participate through TokenPocket:

*The operation process of the mobile terminal and the computer terminal is roughly the same. The computer terminal needs to set the network address. The mobile terminal can use TP and Trust wallet operation, and the computer terminal can use the MetaMask wallet to participate.

Take TP wallet as an example:

First, open the TP wallet, there will be options to create a wallet and import a wallet. New users need to create a wallet, generally the default is ETH wallet, pay attention to complete the mnemonic backup;

Second, to participate in DODO transactions to use Binance Smart Chain, a BSC wallet needs to be added. As shown in the figure below, first click the red check box “1”, then click “2” to add the BSC wallet at the position of “3”, and the wallet address will be displayed after completion. (Note: The checkbox “3” means the BSC wallet creation status has been completed)

Special instructions are needed here, the BSC wallet must be selected, the position of the red check box “1” is displayed as “BSC-1”. After selected, the TP wallet will automatically switch to the Binance Smart Chain node.

Third, determine the transaction limit and recharge to the BSC wallet address. Note: Only BSC/BEP20 related assets can be transferred to the BSC wallet address, otherwise the funds may be lost.

Fourth, enter the DODO platform to participate in ADAM transactions. Click the “Discover” option at the “1” position in the figure below, go to “2” and enter “DODO” to open the platform.

Enter the platform to participate. You can change the transaction list by selecting the position of the box in the figure below, and select the corresponding asset. The ADAM token can be added through the contract address search, the contract address is:0xdde077002982956DF24E23E3f3743BA5e56929fe.After the addition is complete, the transaction can be carried out.

How to participate through Trustwallet:

First, download and install the Trust wallet, new users need to create a wallet, pay attention to complete the mnemonic backup;

Second, after entering the App, click on the “Dapps”, find “DODO” and open the link.

  • Make sure that Binance “Smart Chain” is selected

Enter the “DODO” platform to participate. The ADAM token can be added through the contract address search. The contract address is: 0xdde077002982956DF24E23E3f3743BA5e56929fe.You can select the corresponding asset to trade after adding compeleted.

How to participate through MetaMask:

1) Google Chrome input:

2) Install the Metamask wallet, set up the BSC network, and connect to the BSC chain wallet.

BSC network settings:

You can choose the existing “Binance Smart Chain” in Metamask wallet or self setting RPC

Self setting PRC:

Mainnet Name:Binance Smart Chain

RPC URL(Choose one from below):

ChainID: 56 (if 56 is invalid, please try 0x38)

Symbol: BNB




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