Good News Released on CEO Meeting: ADAM Will Be Listed on Top Exchange in September

4 min readAug 20, 2022


On the evening of 18 August 2022, Sam Panzer, CEO of the ADAM, held a global online conference on the theme “ADAM Development Plan”. Through the in-depth conversation between the host and ADAM CEO Sam Panzer, this conference revealed the current developments, the achievements and future routes of ADAM step by step.

Most importantly, CEO Sam Panzer disclosed at the meeting that ADAM will start the data encryption computing network internal test and list ADAM on the top exchange in September. List ADAM on the centralized exchange is a major event that all participants in the ADAM ecosystem are looking forward to, and will certainly be an important milestone in the development of the ADAM ecosystem.

The following is a selection from this online conference on “ ADAM Development Plan”. Reading it will help you understand the important information about ADAM and figure out the future investment opportunities.

Firstly, Sam Panzer, CEO of ADAM, explained the background as well as function of ADAM.

He pointed out that on-chain data is a open-source treasure. The development of the encryption industry has given rise to massive on-chain data, and the analyzed and filtered data in turn has become a powerful tool to promote the development of blockchain projects.

ADAM is a new type of blockchain data service provider, which currently has its data services functioned around seven major segments: on-chain data retrieval, on-chain data analysis platform, Oracle, data monitoring plug-in, data visualization, on-chain integrated marketing and DataFi.

Overall, the most mature function of ADAM is currently Oracle, and the most commercial value in the future will be DataFi applications.

Secondly, Sam Panzer described the important progress that the ADAM has made so far, from the point of view of technology, markets as well as ecology and applications.

On the technical side, we already have access to the Web 3.0 infrastructure service facility Oracle, the proprietary blockchain browser ADAMScan, the node access program ADAM Box and the server-side system Supervisor.

In terms of marketing, ADAM has built multiple channels for global users, with nearly 100,000 real users. It has formed a huge market network and has entered into strategic partnerships with hundreds of industry media, communities and capital.

In addition, Sam Panzer highlighted the recent ecological cooperation with ETC. He pointed out that the ETH merger has brought a golden period of development for ETC, and ADAM will be the first oracle to enter the ETC ecosystem and provide secure, efficient and accurate on-chain data services for quality projects within its ecosystem.

As for ecology and application, ADAM uses 100 million tokens as incentive and form ADAO, a community self-governing organization to give community members voting and governance rights. Through PancakeSwap and node pledges, ADAM’s network-wide participation in computing power has exceeded 200,000 TIB, and the total network-wide pledge value has exceeded $40 million in less than six months.

Sam Panzer then pointed out ADAM’s future development plans, which highlighted the blockchain industry navigation Dapp and ADAM NFT products that are being built at an accelerated pace.

The blockchain industry navigator Dapp is a comprehensive data platform that can help newcomers get started quickly; ADAM NFT is a unique digital collection drawn with digital currency K-line charts and corresponding price data.

Sam Panzer said: “The blockchain industry navigation Dapp and ADAM NFT are an important practice for ADAM to reach out the industry and lower the barrier for project participation. We will highlight its powerful functions and usage when the product is released, so stay tuned!”

Finally, Sam Panzer gave a glimpse of ADAM’s future prospects from an industry development perspective. He noted: “The crypto industry as a whole is in its early stages of development and everyone is a new age explorer. There is no ‘killer’ application in the market yet, and whoever is able to stand out and capture the market quickly will be able to take the lead in the field. I believe that at the dawn of the Web 3.0 era, amidst the trend of transforming the traditional information Internet into the value Internet, and with the disruption of business models brought about by blockchain technology innovation and DAO, a large number of new business giants will emerge in the coming decades. “

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