Decentralized Autonomous Organization ADAO Economic Model

3 min readMar 24, 2022

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 and supporting ADAMoracle encrypted data computing,and officially initiated and established by ADAMoracle. It aims to help grow the ADAMoracle’s global development. Trying to expand the global market by integrating community resources and combining blockchain technology and concepts. Create a commercial-level “DataFi’’ ecosystem for it, so that everyone involved in data circulation can benefit from it, truly realize the Web3.0 concept, and return data profits to users.

ADAMoracle is going to issue the community governance token $ADAO, and total supply is 10 billion , which allows holders to influence the future development of the ADAMoracle platform by the function of governance, staking, and the exclusive ability to provide data processing services. At the same time, ADAMoracle will announce the airdrop plan for the ETH and BSC ecosystem. 100% of the tokens will be airdropped to community users. All ETH, BNB and ADAM holders will have the opportunity to receive ADAO for airdrops.

How does the ADAO work?

The operation of ADAO mainly concludes three roles. For the excellent community contributors to the ADAMoracle ecology, ADAO provides a level playing field so that they can earn additional income while contributing to the ADAMoracle ecology; Participate in the ADAMoracle ecology, put forward leadership opinions, so as to make correct decisions and obtain investment returns; for the team, distribute community governance resources fairly.

The profit model is as follow:

ADAO Economic Model

ADAO , 10 billion, 100% for community governance

Governance Token ADAO Scenario

The value of ADAO

Route planning of ADAO

The 1st ADAO airdrop is about to start

Recently, the first phase of ADAO airdrop will be officially launched. The total reward of this airdrop is 5 billion ADAOs, 50% of the total supply. The airdrop event is divided into two parts: “Whitelist Program” and “Participant reward “. For event details , please pay attention to the official news of ADAMoracle, so stay tuned!




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