Data Encryption Computing Network ADAM Year-End Summary

3 min readDec 30, 2022


2022 was the most turbulent year for the blockchain industry. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, the ups and downs of the overall cryptocurrency market, the rapid decline of the blockchain industry’s fever, and the rising difficulty of financing are all testing every industry participant. In this year, ADAM, the data encryption computing network, has made many bold innovations and explorations. let’s review them together.

By the beginning of 2022, ADAMoracle started to fully launch the community DAO governance platform. ADAMoracle was actively building effective incentives, expanding community membership and increasing user engagement.

In early January 2022, ADAMoracle clearly identified off-chain computing as a key breakthrough direction to alleviate the pressure of on-chain congestion and maximize the function of the oracle as a middleware.

March 2022 was the highlight for ADAMoracle, with a series of projects developments in this month. On March 2,2022, ADAMoracle took the lead in proposing “DataFi”. Through the combination of real world and on-chain data, ADAM empowered the industry ecology with structured or unstructured data such as text, images, and database, and provided commercializable high-value data for the development of the on-chain world.

At 16:00 on March 17,2022 (UTC+8), ADAMoracle ecological token ADAM was officially listed on PancakeSwap and open for trading.

On March 23,2022, to meet the demand of the majority of users to participate in the ecological governance of ADAMoracle, ADAMoracle officially announced the establishment of the decentralized community autonomous organization ADAO and the issuance of 10 billion governance tokens ADAO.

From April to May 2022, ADAMoracle is fully promoting the decentralized community autonomous organization ADAO and has extensively carried out large-scale airdrop activities.

During this period, ADAMoracle was officially upgraded to ADAM and started to promote the brand globally. ADAM has conducted many offline conferences in various countries such as USA, China, Japan, etc., and also conducted many online AMAs for global users.

On June 10,2022, ADAM, as data encryption computing network based on Web3.0, was invited to attend the 2022 Consensus Conference and conducted a project roadshow. ADAM USA community representatives discussed the future development of the industry with opinion leaders, well-known companies and outstanding developers and each sharing their unique ideas and insights.

After many efforts, the reputation of the ADAM project has been greatly improved, and there will be follow-up and continuous project cooperation. In mid-August 2022, ADAM became the first machine for the ETC ecology with a high level of heat.

After the brand awareness started, ADAM paid more and more attention to the project research, focused on the implementation of project functions, and made the realization of on-chain data visualization as a development indicator that must be applied on the ground. Consolidating the first data encryption computing network based on Web3.0 to achieve the vision of “unlocking the true value of data so that every player involved in the flow of data can benefit from it”.

This is the year-end summary review of ADAM, and we would like to thank all our friends for supporting us in this “extraordinary” year of 2022. We believe that the blockchain industry will definitely come out of the trough and welcome new and more glorious moments.




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