Creative Solicitation Activity

1 min readFeb 23, 2022

Activity time:

Competition time: Feb 23rd — Feb 28th

Review time: March 1st — March 3rd

Reward distribution time: before March 8

Creative emoji design rules:

1. There are no restrictions on emoji solicitation. You can hand in cute, cheap, cool, dazzling, and trendy emojis, and you can also create them as much as you like!

2. the content should suitable for dissemination on Twitter, Telegram, and other social media, as long as it contains the word “ADAM” or our sign.

3. Emoji format: png, gif, jpg, etc.

Way of participation:

1. Follow ADAMoracle official Twitter & join our telegram group;

2. Share your works in the Telegram group& upload screenshots of items to the form; mission completed.


1. The work must not contain spam, bad themes, slander, rumors, etc.;

2. Do not plagiarize or impersonate the works of others;

3. The image should be HD & over 200kb

Incentive policy:

1st : $100 ADAM

2nd : $80 ADAM

3rd: $50 ADAM

Participant reward: Divide $200 ADAM




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