CEO Conference Highlights:ADAM Eco-Application Value

4 min readSep 1, 2022


On the evening of August 30, 2022, ADAM Project held the second session of the CEO Global Online Conference, and the theme of this session was “The Value of ADAM Eco-Application”. In the conference, Sam Panzer, CEO of ADAM, not only deeply revealed the value of on-chain data through in-depth communication with the moderator, but also further depicted the ambitious application prospects of ADAM data services in DeFi, NFT, metaverse and other fields.

The following is the key content of the “ADAM Eco-Application Value” online conference, which will help us understand the need for the ADAM project to provide on-chain data services, the future application prospects and how ADAM will realize the “real value of data, so that every participant in the data flow can benefit from it. The vision of ADAM is to “unlock the true value of data so that everyone involved in the data flow can benefit from it”!

Firstly, Sam Panzer, CEO of ADAM, presented his views on on-chain data after briefly reviewing the highlights of the last session. He said: The blockchain field has not only formed an open source treasure trove of on-chain data due to its open and transparent and decentralized characteristics, but also is gradually becoming an important base for the development of Web 3.0 technology. However, due to the current situation of industry development, the value of on-chain data is far from being fully utilized.

Regarding the utilization of on-chain data, Sam Panzer talked about ADAM’s data encryption transmission function, the current development of the global nodenetwork, the progress of the prophecy machine function, and the role of the distributed data source base. He concluded that ADAM is born to serve blockchain data, and as the first Web 3.0-based data encryption computing network, it will certainly fully exploit the real value of data.

Secondly, Sam Panzer revealed the pain point of Web 3.0 of the value Internet, “data validation”, and also proposed the solution of ADAM.

He pointed out that “ADAM introduces blockchain technology with timestamp to separate the responsibilities of on-chain data integrity review and unique watermark generation; achieves lightweight review of on-chain data integrity based on data possession proof technology and sampling technology; utilizes the special security nature of digital watermark technology to achieve traceability of on-chain data; addresses the entire corroboration process involving the integrity and persistence of evidence, using the native characteristics of blockchain to achieve strong consistency between the corroboration results and relevant evidence.”

Sam Panzer then explains the role that ADAM can currently play in DeFi, NFT, metaverse, etc. Currently, ADAM has been able to provide accurate data transfer services for Dapp, NFT, or DeFi, and even various types of GameFi smart contracts to ensure their efficient operation. Moreover, ADAM belongs to a kind of DeFi application, but is not limited to the DeFi domain. It also enables NFT issuance and digitization, storage, signing, verification, etc.

He also noted, “Currently, the metaverse as an advanced application derived from the maturity of multiple technologies, data is not only the basis for the operation of this world, but also where the basis of this virtual world can be illuminated into reality, and data is the core subject of ADAM network processing.”

Next, Sam Panzer gave a few insights into ADAM’s proposed “DataFi” application. In the coming Web 3.0 era, where data is an asset and data is value, the DataFi application can analyze the positions and cost basis of digital asset holders through on-chain public information, and it will also provide relative valuation metrics that provide buy and sell signals in crypto markets, much like relative valuation multiples, such as EV-EBITDA in public equity markets. The DataFi app can leverage on-chain data to provide a new framework for analyzing emerging cryptocurrency assets, among others.

In addition, Sam Panzer highlighted the ways in which ADAM will achieve its “vision”, including building revenue streams for users to share in the program’s growth dividends in terms of DAO organization, economic incentive models, technology enhancements, and future new products.

At the end of the session, Sam Panzer reviewed the industry trends. He pointed out that as the future of the crypto market becomes clearer, more and more investment institutions are running into the market. He believed that the projects that choose the right track, pursue excellence and stay ahead of the curve will be the movers and shakers of the times amidst the surge of funding in the industry.

These are the highlights of the online conference, please check them out. The third ADAM CEO Global Online Conference is under preparation, so stay tuned!




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