ADAO Governance Token Application Scenarios and Intrinsic Value

4 min readApr 1, 2022

The 5 billion ADAO airdrop activity is in full swing, and many users have been whitelisted and can receive at least 100,000 ADAO. Thus, in addition to being able to exchange ADAM, what other functions does ADAO have?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization ADAO

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 and supports ADAMoracle’s data encryption and computing network, it is committed to helping ADAMoracle’s global development. The governance token ADAO is the incentive layer in the DAO platform and also the token of ADAMoracle ecological governance. It is a management and utility token with the main function of conducting community governance.

ADAMoracle officially initiated the establishment of the ADAO platform with the vision to expand the global market by integrating community resources, combining blockchain technology and concepts, to build up the world’s first data encryption and computing network, and create a commercial-level “DataFi” ecosystem for it; so that everyone involved in data circulation can benefit from it, come ture the concept of Web3.0, and return the data benefit to users.

In a word, ADAO is inseparable from ADAMoracle, and the governance token ADAO will play a key role in ADAMoracle community voting, community activities, and ecological applications.

The value of the governance token ADAO

The total circulation of governance token ADAO is 10 billion, and it has not been officially launched for trading. In the first phase of the airdrop activity, ADAMoracle used ADAM to endorse the value of ADAO. Users who have received ADAO can exchange for ADAM at a ratio of 100:1 after ADAMoracle officially opens the exchange entrance for the first time. When the exchange is completed, they can conduct transactions on the decentralized exchange DODO or Pancake.

ADAM’s quotation on PancakeSwap is about $7.7 until March, 31st. The specific ADAO exchange plan needs to wait for the official announcement of ADAMoracle.

Application Scenarios of Governance Token ADAO

The development purpose of ADAO is to help the ADAMoracle’s global development. Focusing on the role of ADAO’s ecological participation, the governance token ADAO needs to play its incentive role. 100% of the governance token ADAO will be used for community building, and the first phase of airdrop activity will distribute 50% , that is, 5 billion ADAO. Users owning ADAO will become a member of the ADAMoracle community and will also shoulder the mission of building the ADAMoracle ecosystem.

To hold ADAO, you need to participate in the construction of ADAMoracle community, including activate community, providing development suggestions or solutions for project development, etc. At the same time, the governance token ADAO is a proof of rights and interests to enjoy the governance of the ADAMoracle project. With ADAO, participating in economic activities such as voting, decision-making, Satking, etc. is allowed.

The three major highlights of ADAO holders’ rights and interests:

1. Holders can exchange ADAO shares to ADAM proportionally, and the first open exchange ratio is 100:1.

2. You can also use ADAO to participate in ADAMoracle mining, for example: use ADAO as a pledge certificate to participate in wide-area node mining.

3. ADAO holders can not only enjoy ADAMoracle ecological development dividends and share 40% of ADAMoracle’s business income; they can also get ADAM, ADAO airdrops, and enjoy ADAO value-added benifits.

In addition, the remaining share of the governance token ADAO will be used as an incentive for all community builders, and rewards will be issued according to the contribution of community members. For example: users who bring new followers to ADAMoracle, third-party developers, users who provide constructive suggestions for platform development, etc, will all be rewarded.

Development Prospects of ADAO

ADAO is a decentralized autonomous organization and smart contract system based on Binance Smart Chain, which has already had perfect operating rules and can realize self-operation and self-evolution. Furthermore, 100% of governance tokens are used for community construction, and all shares will be given to ADAMoracle ecological builders, and the project party will reserve 0. This is in line with the spirit of blockchain, and its intrinsic value is not controlled by any team or organization.

In order to make it through the early stage of development smoothly, the ADAMoracle project will take out part of the revenue from time to time to repurchase the governance token ADAO, and the ADAM community governance share will be taken out for airdrops, thus ADAO holders can rush to redeem and distribute them proportionally.

With the gradual development of ADAO and the formation of the community, not only can ADAO be circulated in the secondary market at an opportune time, but also more functions and products can be evolved, so as to lead the rapid development of the project with the advanced concept of DAO governance.




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