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ADAO — Decentralized self-governing organization of ADAMoracle

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 and supports ADAMoracle encrypted data computing. Its purpose is to help ADAMoracle achieve global developmen,the vision is to expand the global market by integrating community resources, combining blockchain technology and concepts. Build ADAMoracle into the world’s first data encryption computing network, and create a commercial-grade “DataFi” ecosystem for it.; so that everyone involved in data circulation can benefit from it, with the action of returning data benefits to users, to achieve the Web3.0 concept truly.

ADAO not only stands for ADAMoracle DAO Governance Organization, but also is the name of the governance token. The governance token ADAO is a management token based on the BSC smart chain, and is also a token endorsed by ADAM. It can not only be used to participate in ADAMoracle node community governance, but also can be exchanged for ADAM according to the specific situation.

Due to its unique supply mechanism and role on the ADAMoracle platform, the value of ADAO is closely related to the performance of the entire system. At present, ADAMoracle ecological token ADAM has been listed on the decentralized exchange DODO, and the token price is $8. In the future, ADAO will play a key role in ADAMoracle community voting, community activities, and ecological applications.

ADAD is officially launched by ADAMoracle

In order to meet the needs of users to participate in ADAMoracle’s ecological governance, ADAMoracle officially announced the official establishment of the decentralized community autonomous organization ADAO, and issued 10 billion governance tokens ADAO to achieve the original intention of the project’s completely decentralized development.

In order to enable the majority of users to participate in the project governance fairly, all shares of the token ADAO will be used for community construction, and ADAMoracle officially achieves zero reservation. This allows ADAO to be completely decentralized at the economic level, and the results of users’ participation in ADAMoracle project governance can be distributed more fairly and equitably, protecting the rights and interests of every community member to the greatest extent.

ADAMoracle — the world’s first Web3.0-based data encryption computing network

ADAMoracle is a new generation of blockchain data service provider, with the multitask function of data encryption and transmission. It can not only connect the world with the blockchain systems, but also realize the barrier-free flow of ecological data information on chains such as ETH, BSC, OKexchain, and Solana. ADAMoracle has gained powerful off-chain computing capabilities by building a global wide-area node network, enabling millisecond-level encrypted computing to realize real commercial-level “DataFi” applications.

At present, ADAMoracle has developed into an existence second only to Chainlink in the oracle machine race. Although Chainlink and ADAMoracle are both top projects, their development orientation and application functions are not exactly the same. The core of Chainlink’s development is to promote the application, promotion and upgrade of smart contracts; ADAMoracle is to mine the real value of data; different from Filecoin’s distributed storage network, ADAMoracle aims to build the world’s first data encryption computing network in the Web3.0 era. ADAMoracle will bring major changes in the fields of data encryption transmission, free flow and data realization, laying the foundation for the arrival of the Web3.0 era.

ADAO — — ADAMoracle Ecological Development Accelerator

As an emerging project in recent years, ADAMoracle still needs a solid fan base and sufficient customer accumulation to achieve a blowout development. The introduction of ADAO can solve this problem very well.

ADAO is a new type of decentralized community autonomous organization, which can can realize self-operation, self-governance, and self-evolution according to preset rules, without being controlled by centralized institutions. ADAO has stronger cohesion than conventional organizations. Relying on the borderless network , the ADAO organization has a wider range of vision; the transparency of the organization ensures that there is no internal fraud phenomenon, thereby enhancing the trust within the organization; participants have ownership; no hierarchical organization model ensures that everyone enjoys equal ownership of ADAO. This form of organization linked to their own interests can stimulate the enthusiasm of participants;

From this perspective, ADAO belongs to everyone who can create value for it. ADAMoracle created ADAO to enable community members to enjoy the governance rights of the project by virtue of the governance token ADAO. With the help of ADAO, it can not only further enhance the decentralization property of ADAMoracle, but also enable all ecological participants to create value as much as they can with the encouragement of the incentive mechanism of the token, and bring stronger synergy to the development of ADAMoracle project.

ADAO — An Important add to the ADAMoracle Ecological Incentive Layer

ADAO, as a new governance token, will give ADAMoracle ecological participants more comprehensive incentives to ensure that every contributor can benefit.

The primary feature of ADAO is openness and transparency. The credibility established by blockchain technology can help the project quickly expand the scope of participants. People can more easily join the prosperous ecology of the ADAMoracle industry, thereby creating a closed-loop “digital economy”.

In the ADAMoracle ecology, the governance token ADAO can be used as a value representation to motivate the behavior of participants, and through rewards, everyone can act for their own interests, and the final effect is to maximize the overall economic welfare. For example: the governance token ADAO can be used to reward third-party developers, reward users who bring new followers to ADAMoracle; reward users who participate in community activities or provide constructive opinions, etc.

The user’s holding of ADAO also represents the rights and interests of the project, including voting and governance rights. Users can not only participate in the project construction, but also obtain similar investment income through ADAO. In general, ADAO, as an economic incentive, will be used in many aspects of ADAMoracle’s ecological operation. It uses classical economics, game theory, and behavioral economics to motivate the behavior of participants.

It is worth noting that the governance token ADAO is an airdrop benefit for ETH, BSC and ADAMoracle ecological participants, and all eligible users can apply for it for free. ADAO has the endorsement value of ADAMoracle, and will develop into a user-led economic ecology in the future. At that time, user consensus will be another decisive factor to enhance its true value.




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