ADAMoracle wide area node network beta test tutorial

3 min readSep 13, 2021


ADAMoracle is the first multi-chain decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node price feeding. It is a blockchain infrastructure service facility that builds web3.0, which can provide smart contract developers with comprehensive tools and data, as well as more security and convenience. ADAMoracle will usher in a new era of Oracle 3.0 and promote the development of rich business formats such as lending, asset synthesis, and forecasting markets.

The purpose of ADAMoracle is to build a decentralized oracle network that is safe, credible, accurate, prevent Sybil Attack, and can be self-maintained, replace traditional oracles with Turing intelligence, and build a distributed wide-area node oracle into Web3.0 Network ecosystem.

The wide-area node mechanism is the oracle 3.0 system solution pioneered by ADAMoracle Labs, which enables the oracle architecture to realize unbounded interstellar network computing. Its core function can connect thousands of diversified servers as price feed nodes for quotation, effectively constructing a safe and expandable oracle quotation system, which not only ensures the accuracy of data transmission, but also better guarantees The decentralized nature and usable performance of the oracle network.

On September 13th, the wide-area node network of ADAMoracle officially started the beta test of the whole network. DAPP (ADAM Box) has been deployed on the BSC test network. Users participating in the beta test can configure their wallets through Metamask in advance.

Main Net:Binance Smart Chain

Main Net Name:***


Chain ID:97

Token Symbol:BNB

After setting up, you only need to provide the BSC address to get BNB and ADAM test coins:

BNB test coin collection:

ADAM test coin collection: add Telegram account: @cecilia0118

You can participate in the beta test by obtaining test coins.

How To Participate:

First, open it through ADAM BOX DAPP:

Then connect to the wallet address and add miners on the DAPP homepage:

After entering the mining machine page, you need to fill in the mining pool code (we will provide it to you) and the mining machine ID (generated by the mining machine plug-in); after filling in, you will get the actual space number of your mining machine;

Note: The plug-in “Supervisor” installation command (currently only supports Linux systems)

1. Log in to the server and switch root privileges (note: because the execution task needs to be set to self-start, root privileges are required)

2. Execute the command: bash -c “$(wget -O -)”

3. Check the server device number: cat /usr/local/getos.log

4. Successfully install the plug-in “Supervisor” to generate the miner ID

Complete the pledge here, (1T/ADAM) complete the corresponding pledge through the test coin provided by us;

After the pledge is successful, the miner you bound and the corresponding amount of pledged space will appear on the homepage;

Daily income is released at 0 AM; after the income is issued, users need to report the income data to the ADAMoracle official the next day, and we will calculate whether the released income data is accurate. Thank you for your support!

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