ADAMoracle Weekly Updates (7.12–7.19)

2 min readJul 19, 2021


Technological progress

Mining smart contract development is in progress

1. Added computing node functions;

2. Added node mining details function;

3. Added the current income function.

Deploy front-end page design:

1. Build a connection wallet page;

2. Build a setting name page;

3. New node mining page.

Community and Marketing

1. On July 9th, in order to allow more users to participate in community governance, ADAMoracle opened the Telegram community member invitation qualifying contest in major communities, airdropped 3000 ADAM prize pools, and users who participated in the invitation activities could receive ADAM rewards for completing tasks.

2. On July 15, ADAMoracle announced that it has officially reached a strategic cooperation with MatrixETF. This is ADAMoracle’s first exploration in the ETF field. Both parties will use their respective advantages to jointly provide users with safer, more efficient, and lower-threshold ETF services.

3. On July 16, ADAMoracle launched an airdrop event for the exclusive telegram group. A total of 1,000 ADAM tokens were placed, forwarded to the telegram group with more than 1,000 people and sent screenshots to the ADAMoracle telegram group to participate in the sharing of ADAM.

4. On July 16, ADAMoracle released a series of videos on the theme of “Oracle 3.0”. and also retweet by 2 KOLs @Tokenhunters @SuerAaron_CMC.




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