ADAMoracle Weekly Report

2 min readMay 25, 2021


ADAMoracle is a Muti-Chain decentralized oracle , In the future, it will support public chains such as ETH, BSC, HECO, and Polkadot, and fully consolidate the construction of DeFi infrastructure.

In order to enable users to fully understand ADAMoracle dynamics, we will update the weekly report regularly, please pay attention in time!

【Technological progress】

1. Conduct airdrop test of ADAMoracle mining;

2. Complete the image packaging function of ADAMoracle oracle machine;

3. Carry out ADAMoracle oracle node deployment;

4. Optimize the deployment documents of ADAMoracle oracle machine nodes;

5. Improve the user operating documentation of the ADAMoracle oracle machine;

6. Start the ADAMoracle oracle node settlement project;

【Community and Market Construction】

1. ADAMoracle went deep into the global ecological construction, and recently established a Vietnamese community, with 170 new followers within a week.

2. ADAMoracle expands overseas media channels, adding 50 overseas cooperative media, including well-known media such as GoogleNews, GlobalNews, and Financial Content.

3. On May 14, ADAMoracle opened the fourth OpenDay AMA series of official community AMA. The community representatives talked with the CEO of ADAMoracle, directly hitting the progress of the ADAMoracle ecosystem, and detailed the ADAM creation node recruitment plan. This live broadcast was supported by 70+ media.

4. On May 17, ADAMoracle launched the Happy Friday series of activities on Twitter, and more than 100 people participated enthusiastically. Up to now, Twitter fans have reached 26K.

5. On May 19th, ADAMoracle opened the OpenDay AMA event in the Telegram community. The founder Ahmed met with Telegram users face to face and talked about the recruitment rules of the ADAMoracle global node.

nity AMA. Community representatives talked with the CEO of ADAMoracle to interpret the node recruitment rules and allow users to share the oracle transmission value dividend. This live broadcast was received by more than 70 media stand by.




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