ADAMoracle Weekely Updates

【Tech progress】

1. Completed the modification of the wide area node mining function, users can release according to the staking cycle;

2. Completed the modification of the linear release function of wide-area node mining revenue, making the user’s linear release revenue rule more reasonable, safe and reliable;

3. The unit test function of DAPP is deployed. Users can staking ADAM tokens for mining, and the smart contract starts to calculate daily income.

【Community & Marketing】

1. On September 16, the ADAMoracle Chinese community launched a live broadcast. CEO Ahmed Ebrahim analyzed in depth why ADAMoracle is the best opportunity for miners? At the same time, a large number of users participated in the quiz with prizes in the live broadcast room and won the Mid-Autumn Festival gift.

2. On September 17, ADAMoracle officially announced that it has completed the “100% return of OKT” matter. It is reported that community users previously made OKT voting donations for ADAMoracle in the OKExChain Grant Hackathon Round-1 (online) event. This time, ADAMoracle will give ADAM rewards after returning the OKT donated by users. For specific rewards, please follow the official announcement.

3. On September 18th, Ahmed Ebrahim, the founder and CEO of ADAMoracle, held an AMA in the English Telegram Group and shared the latest progress and phased plans of the project with community users.

3. On September 27, ADAMoracle announced the official end of the first round of public testing of the wide area node network. ADAMoracle laboratory completed various server adaptation tests during the one-week public test, and carried out product improvements and upgrades. The specific airdrop rewards will be announced with the test results after the wide area node network is officially launched.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0

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