ADAMoracle Weekely Updates

3 min readSep 14, 2021

【Tech progress】

1. Launched on Binance Smart Chain main net;

2. The wide-area node mining function has been fully developed, including functions that users can pledge in DAPP, view income, withdraw income, view the whole network computing power, pledge computing power, etc.;

3. The unit test function of DAPP is completed. Users can staking ADAM tokens for mining and check the daily income changes;

4. The linear release function of DAPP is completed, the actual income of the user can be calculated every day, including the payable income and the lock-up income;

5. Completed the mining browser related functions, including the home page, ranking list, profit trend graph and other functions.­­­­

【Community & Marketing】

1.On August 20th, ADAMoracle and the Panda community had an AMA broadcast to analyze how ADAMoracle guards the security of core assets on the chain when the oracle attack becomes a hidden danger.

2.On August 25th, ADAMoracle and the monster community conducted an AMA broadcast, analyzing how the ADAMoracle became the strongest shield for assets on the chain in the DeFi security attack.

3.On August 26th, ADAMoracle and Yinuo Community launched an exclusive airdrop event. Users can get ADAM token airdrops after completing the corresponding tasks. As of the end of the event on the 27th, nearly 10,000 people participated in the event.

4.On August 27th, ADAMoracle and Yinuo Community launched the AMA live broadcast, redefining the security standard of oracle feeding price, and interpreting the uniqueness of the ADAMoracle wide-area node mechanism.

5.On August 27th, ADAMoracle was a guest of Polygon’s official telegram group, giving an in-depth description of the long-term planning route of the ADAMoracle project and how to contribute to the development of the Polygon ecosystem.

6.On August 31th, ADAMoracle announced that Golden Finance has officially become the chief cooperation media of ADAMoracle in the Chinese market, and the two parties have established a strategic partnership.

7.On September 2nd, ADAMoracle officially landed on the Binance Smart Chain, starting the first step of the full ecosystem layout of ADAMoracle.

8.On September 6th, ADAMoracle was a guest on the Jinse Caijing Interview. Jinse Caijing COO Wang Yukun talked with ADAMoracle CEO Ahmed Ebrahim, deciphering how the wide-area node price feeding mechanism opened the gate of the oracle 3.0 era.

9.On September 7th, ADAM officially launched the decentralized exchange DODO, opening USDT/ADAM exchange.

10.On September 7th, the ADAMoracle Chinese community opened a special event. A hundred lucky users were drawn to give out ADAM tokens, red envelopes and other gifts. The event ends on September 10.




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