ADAMoracle receives strategic investment from SenQiCapital, and making announcement for partnership.

Recently, ADAMoracle announced that it has formally obtained SenQiCapital’s strategic investment and has announced partnership with SenQiCapital. The two parties will jointly explore the innovative development of the blockchain and focus on the full deployment of the DeFi field.

DeFi is the fastest growing field in the entire blockchain in the past year, and it has shown a mature and steady growth trend. As the middleware among them, the oracle plays an important role. It internally carries the circulation and use of smart contract data, and externally connects variety data together. It can be said that with the in-depth development of blockchain technology and DeFi, oracle products have also ushered in new developments, at the same time, it faces many challenges.

From ADAMoracle’s point of view, how to truly decentralize the oracle to prevent malicious attacks and how to better improve the efficiency of the oracle is very important. ADAMoracle also relies on its own technical strength to continuously seek new breakthroughs, is committed to solving the various weakness of the oracle market, and seeks for oracle products that truly meet the core of the blockchain technology.

ADAMoracle launched the industry’s unique “wide-area node price feed” mechanism, becoming the industry’s first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node quotation, not only retaining the traditional data source organization, but also adding massive diversification as a storage node, the server realizes a complete oracle solution that decentralizes both the oracle and the data source. Compared with the traditional oracle, it satisfies the market demands that are safer, more efficient, accurate, and real-time pricing. At the same time, ADAMoracle also supports ETH, BSC, Heco, Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, OKExChain and other multi-chain operations, creating a new generation of “everyone can participate in the price feed” era.

SenQiCapital has been invested in multiple project since its establishment, and has focused on the blockchain field. It has participated in the incubation of a number of star projects in the early stage, maintained in-depth cooperative relations with many overseas institutions, and has rich industry resources.



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