ADAMoracle officially deploys BSC and trade on DODO

3 min readSep 3, 2021


As a pioneering project in the oracle market, ADAMoracle has been attracted by market users in the past six months. finally! With sufficient preparations for product develope and technology improvement, it was confirmed recently that ADAM will deploy on BSC for the beginning, and the trading will be launched on DODO at 16:00 on September 7th.

In the past six month, the market has experienced up and down. ADAMoracle has always been firmly in deployment at the steady pace that a mature project should have. Technology development, investment cooperation, market development, ecosystem construction and other steps are taken together. Its core value can be seen in the development process.

In terms of technology, ADAMoracle directly hits the weakness of the current oracle attacks, focusing on the upgrade of the oracle’s security performance, and the establishment of the oracle’s risk control system. After continuous industry exploration and technical research, ADAMoracle has created a unique oracle security mechanism in the industry — — Wide-area node quotation.

As DeFi continues to achieve new growth, NFT has also created more possibilities in the market. As the basic middleware in these fields and an important carrier for on-chain and off-chain data transmission, oracles require a high degree of security. Therefore, the oracle mechanism Should not rely on a single node and data source.

The ADAMoracle wide-area node framework has distributed data sources and massive diversified server nodes, which can accommodate thousands of nodes for price feed services. The more nodes, the higher cost of attacking will be. Effectively build a safer and expandable oracle quotation system, and realize the industry vision of more decentralization, safety and accuracy, and real-time price feed.

The highly creative technical advantages make ADAMoracle stand out among a group of oracle project. More and more partners pay attention to and affirm the long-term value of ADAMoracle, enabling ADAMoracle to obtain Polygon, KINE Network, Collinstar, Consensus Lab, BTX successively. Capital, ZB Labs, Chainup Capital, 7o’clock Capital, Red Chain Capital, QRC Group and other institutions are supported.

Driven by the two-tier technology and resources, it has accelerated the development of ADAMoracle’s global market, and successively opened markets in Dubai, China, the United States, Japan, and Southeast Asia. With the progress of market activities, it has laid a solid user base and also provided ADAMoracle with There are more opportunities for cooperation, with Kine, MatrixETF to explore the coordinated development of decentralized derivatives, ETF and other fields.

In terms of ecosystem construction, ADAMoracle, as a decentralized oracle that supports multi-chain operation, will continue to be deployed in public chains such as Polygon, ETH, Polkadot, OKExChain, Heco, Solana, etc., ADAMoracle will help more projects complete accurate price feeds and build a secure bridge for the use of underlying data circulation.

ADAM is an important part of the ADAMoracle ecosystem. ADAM can be used for wide-area node mining pledge, DAO governance and service fee payment. Its value will continue to grow with the expansion of the ecosystem. ADAM’s listing of BSC is the beginning of a new phase , Is a powerful promoter for in-depth exploration of the ecosystem development of ADAMoracle.

Foreseeable, the decentralized oracle represented by ADAMoracle knocked on the door of the oracle 3.0 era, and is leading the industry to the trend of wide-area node price feeding where everyone can participate. Taking high-security and precise price feeds as the criterion, consolidating the construction of the underlying infrastructure, breaking up the barriers to the flow of data and information on and off the chain, and constantly spawning more new development forms in the blockchain world, not limited to DeFi or NFT squares.




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