ADAMoracle Japan Community Conference: Returning the Value of Data to Users

4 min readMay 6, 2022

The ADAMoracle project monthly promotion meeting was held in Tokyo as scheduled at the end of April. Based on the previous online and offline dual channels, ADAMoracle Japanese community representatives and many technology enthusiasts and investors appeared at the meeting. They discussed in-depth. around the data dilemma faced by the current blockchain technology and the importance of community power in the Web3 environment.

The huge distributed computing power of the blockchain provides many opportunities for all walks of life, but the important value hidden by a large amount of redundant data is difficult to be discovered and cannot be effectively utilized. At the current stage of rapid development of blockchain technology, the key to this problem is that on-chain computation for large amounts of data is expensive and limited. Judging from the development of the Ethernet network in recent years, although powerful computing resources have brought more innovative applications, they are still constrained by limited computing power, and the expansion of off-chain computing is imminent.

However, ADAMoracle has a natural advantage in off-chain computing. It is a bridge connecting on-chain and off-chain, which can replace smart contracts to perform trust computing off-chain, and can more professionally complete cross-border data transmission and verification.

ADAMoracle brings together high-quality nodes from many countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia to form a global wide-area node network. Combined with powerful data transmission and computing capabilities, it provides higher scalability, cost-effectiveness and privacy through off-chain computing to improve the performance of blockchain networks.

It is certain that ADAMoracle’s ability to process data is more than that. Community representatives also introduced the concept of “DataFi” proposed by ADAMoracle to the audience, that is, through the combination, retrieval, analysis and monitoring of on-chain and off-chain data, with texts, images, databases and other structures, it can create direct or indirect economic and social benefits for on-chain applications such as DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse to fully visualize and value on-chain data, so that the expansion of the blockchain is no longer limited to data on the chain, but truly promotes the role of data in business activities.

During the development process of ADAMoracle, it has been committed to allowing every role involved in data circulation, such as data producer, data calculator, data transmitter, and data keeper, to obtain corresponding benefits. And as a data encrypted computing network based on Web3.0, ADAMoracle hopes that the value created in the Web3 world can be shared among more people, not just owners and investors.

In early April, ADAMoracle announced the official establishment of ADAO, which is a decentralized community autonomous organization, to enable users to participate in project governance fairly and protect the rights and interests of every community member to the greatest extent. Meanwhile, the user’s holding of ADAO also represents the proof of rights and interests of the project, including voting and governance rights. Users can not only participate in the project construction, but also obtain similar investment profit through ADAO.

At the same time, all shares of the token ADAO will be used for community construction, and the first 5 billion ADAO airdrop plan has been launched recently. As of now, more than 50,000 users from 12 countries have participated and have received 3.5 billion ADAO airdrops.

We see that more and more users are joining the ADAO community construction, which is not only a major progress in the development of ADAO’s ecological governance, but also has positive significance for ADAMoracle’s exploration of community autonomy.

Facebook renamed Meta and established a metaverse, hoping to realize that users do not have to log in to accounts controlled by different companies each time they visit a new site. Furthermore, Musk, the world’s richest man as an encryption enthusiast, who bought Twitter, mentioned his original intention is that hoping users can get more freedom of speech on the platform. ADAMoracle also firmly believes that Web3 does not belong to a specific group, but everyone. Therefore, the focus of ADAMoracle’s ecological development is also to consider the distribution of rights and interests of community users in the ecology, promote the Web3.0 concept, and truly realize the vision of returning data value to users.




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