ADAMoracle Hybrid Pledge Mining Participation Tutorial

3 min readApr 22, 2022


At 12:00 on April 22, 2022 (GMT+4), the encrypted data computing network ADAMoracle launched the ADAO+ADAM hybrid pledge mining model officially to provide users with more convenient mining income solutions. The following are guidelines for the participation process.

Preparation before participating in pledge mining:

  1. Make sure there are ADAO, ADAM and BNB in the wallet address.

Note: ADAO can be obtained through the airdrop event, ADAM and can be purchased on PancakeSwap.

ADAO contract address: 0x9ba09a258dcbb7452c4420d62af80d14e3724b07

ADAM contract address: 0x59802AC95f2399c929a096171C1bee93C27daE90

2. Make sure that the wallet is successfully connected to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). MetaMask is recommended.

Binance Smart Chain Node Network Settings:

Network name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Currency symbol: BNB

3. Participating in ADAM wide-area node mining and hybrid mining, you need to contribute storage space and prepare storage equipment.

After the preparation is completed, you can officially start participating in mining.

Participation entrance:

First, log on the website and connect to the available wallets, as shown in the figure below. Select the mining mode you want to participate in.

“Hybrid Pledge Mining” is a new mode which has the same mining income with the “Single-Currency Pledge”. The difference is that in the “Hybrid Pledge Mining” mode, users can use ADAO+ADAM to produce ADAM with the hybrid ratio 1:2. And according to the ratio of 100:1, ADAO is deducted from ADAM and be mortgaged. For example, only 1000ADAO and 20ADAM are required per 1T space in “Hybrid Pledge Mining”, while 30ADAM needs to be pledged per 1T space in “Singgle-Currency Pledge”.

After selecting the mode, you will enter the page of Adding Hardware Device, where you need to fill in the mining pool code (Please Contact Telegram account: @ADAMoracle001 to get the mining pool code) and device ID (generated by the device plug-in); after filling it in, you will get the actual space of your device:

Note: The plugin “Supervisor” installation command (Currently only Linux systems is supported.)

1. Log onto the server and switch root privileges (Note: Because the execution task needs to be set to self-start, root privileges are required.)

2. Command execution: bash -c

“$(wget -O -)”

3. View the server device number: cat /usr/local/Supervisor.log

4. The device ID will be generated after installing the plugin “Supervisor” successfully.

When the hardware device is added, enter the amount of space you want to contribute, and the system will calculate the required ADAO and ADAM automatically.

Select the time period of the pledge, and click “Pledge NOW” to complete the pledge. Then wait patiently for the generating income.

Attachment: Hardware server configuration requirements for participating in mining

(Note: If you need hardware equipment, you can contact the official Telegram: @ADAMoracle001)




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