ADAMoracle helps SocialFi build a new outlet for Web3.0

5 min readDec 10, 2021

Since the trend of the DeFi, NFT, GameFi has come to industry, and Metaverse have exploded one after another, the market hotspots have continued to rotate. In this process, we that Web3.0 is becoming a reality step by step. The Web3.0 era demonstrates the value of personal sovereignty and makes people’s lives more convenient. Recently, as a model representing people’s future social, creative, and financial life, SocialFi has been placed high expectations by the community, and its attention has been increased rapidly, and it has been called the “new outlet” of the crypto market by expert.

In fact, the concept of SocialFi has existed since 2017, such as Steem, YeeCall, GSC, NRC, etc. However, due to the lack of interest in the market at that time and technical limitations at that time, the SocialFi project was suspended midway. With the gradual improvement of the on-chain ecosystem built by DeFi, SocialFi can help users increase their profits with a new way of expressing self-worth.

In the first half of 2021, many new projects of the SocialFi concept are joining in. BitClout and many other decentralized social platforms similar to Twitter and social platform such as have applied blockchain technology to promote the development of SocialFi in the process of platformization.

The combination of Social+Defi+NFT is the road to Web3.0

SocialFi is a combination of Social+Defi+NFT, which is essentially a manifestation of personal value. It creatively combines the unique financial attributes of the blockchain, and further realizes value transmission based on the realization of information transmission. As more individuals benefit from such a self-consistent economic system, the value of SocialFi will also further develop and expand, gradually establishing a more imaginative and complete ecosystem of influential communities and creators.

Through blockchain technology, SocialFi has built a complete and self-consistent ecosystem for users to financialize and DeFi the market for individual creators, eliminate intermediate links and channels, and enable participants and issuers to be able to use social tokens. Benefit from DeFi more directly, and derive more new ways of wealth accumulation.

What Web3.0 demonstrates is the value of personal data sovereignty, which coincides with the concept of SocialFi. SocialFi hopes that creative individuals have more rights to profit. Therefore, we can regard SocailFi as a road to Web3.0. At least creators can see the scenery of Web3.0 in advance. The more important significance of SocialFi lies in the construction of Web3.0 ecosystem.

ADAMoracle helps SocialFi ecosystem asset transaction and confirmation

SocialFi wants to build a decentralized ecosystem with many difficulties, including the need to ensure that the entire asset creation process is fully verifiable, including not only the ownership of tokens, but also the attributes of NFTs and asset issuance mechanisms.

The verifiable function used by ADAMoracle can solve this problem well. The verifiable random function can provide a secure source of random numbers for smart contracts and assets on the chain, and provide encryption proof. For example, before the random number is transmitted to the NFT contract, the encryption proof needs to be verified on the chain to ensure the reliability of the random number. ADAMoracle has strong security guarantees, which can ensure that the oracle product, users or developers cannot manipulate the random number generation process, and generate and assign rare attributes for NFTs in a fair and verifiable manner.

ADAMoracle generates fair random numbers in a verifiable manner, which can guarantee the scarcity of NFT assets. In addition to random numbers, ADAMoracle can also transmit rich data sets for SocialFi applications, such as accessing off-chain event data to enhance social experience; accessing off-chain data to implement NFT transaction functions; and accessing Internet of Things data to connect to the chain And the off-chain world.

Features of ADAMoracle

High-quality data: The wide-area node collects data from a large number of high-quality data aggregators. The final price data is aggregated from hundreds of exchanges. The weight is determined by the transaction volume, and outliers and suspicious data are washed out . ADAMoracle’s data collection model will generate more accurate global market prices, and effectively resist API downtime, outliers caused by market flash crashes, and data manipulation attacks (such as flash loans).

Secure node network: ADAMoracle have thousands of nodes and spread all over the world. The huge node network has high anti-attack. The oracle nodes that effectively avoid sybil attacks can ensure the security of data transmission. In addition, it will also rate the reputation of the nodes, and implement rewards and punishments on the nodes accordingly, constructing a node network that can be self-motivating and continuously optimized.

Decentralized network: ADAMoracle price is decentralized at the data source, oracle node, and network, which can effectively prevent risks such as downtime and tampering.

SocialFi is a major exploration leading to the Web3.0 era

The concept of Web3.0 is a relatively decentralized, automated and intelligent new Internet world based on the premise that users’ personal digital identities, digital assets, and data are completely returned to individuals. The characteristics of non-tamperable and transparent information of the block chain not only realize the sharing of information on the chain, but also ensure the user’s data right and value attribution.

By improving the infrastructure of Web3.0, ADAMoracle provides credible, reliable, and cust

omizable off-chain data for smart contracts and Dapps, and contributes to the overall ecosystem development of Web3.0. The decentralized ADAMoracle, as the interface between the blockchain and the real world for data interaction, can be widely used in various fields in the blockchain ecosystem, helping Web3.0 to create a killer DAPP. Perhaps the killer DAPP does not necessarily come from SocialFi, but the wave detonated by SocialFi will be a major exploration leading to the Web3.0 era.




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