ADAMoracle borrow coin mining rules announcement

The ADAMoracle wide-area node network has been officially launched. According to the rules during the test period, all users who participate in the “StarCraft” and have a storage space of more than 100T after the official network goes online will receive an additional 20% of the borrowed coin mining quota . The ADAM required for the pledge will be provided by the project team, and users only need to provide additional storage space for borrowed coins to mine (users are required to provide the machine ID).

The total pledge amount during the test period is the upper limit of the borrow amount, until 1 million ADAM is used up. The project team will conduct dynamic income settlement and distribution on a weekly basis (every Monday).

The “borrowed coin mining” part will be pledged through the official wallet. Users can check the pledge amount and mining output of the wallet address through the official browser. The pledge period is 360 days, and the pledge will start at 12:00 on November 29th (SGT).

All users with a hashrate of 100T or more need to contact the our service account to provide further information.
Please contact the customer service if needed.

Customer service: @ADAM_service( Telegram)

1st decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node quotation