ADAMoracle and Kine reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the development of the decentralized derivatives market

2 min readAug 24, 2021

Recently, ADAMoracle announced that it has successfully reached strategic cooperation with Kine. The two parties will establish in-depth cooperation on oracle price feeding, liquidity mining, etc., jointly promote the rapid development of the decentralized derivatives market.

In the traditional financial field, the volume of derivatives is 40 to 60 times that of the spot market. In the encrypted market, the market value of derivatives accounts for less than half of the entire digital asset market, which has considerable room for development. After the advantages of DeFi were gradually discovered, more and more people began to pay attention to the market potential of decentralized derivatives.

ADAMoracle continues to be optimistic about the development of decentralized derivatives, especially Kine, which is a new generation of Ethereum-based derivatives trading protocol. ADAMoracle will escort Kine’s derivatives trading with mature and complete oracle solutions.

Kine uses the Ethereum chain pledge + off-chain transaction mechanism to balance the trade-off between transaction performance and asset security, and supports higher frequency derivative transactions. ADAMoracle will play a key role in it. ADAMoracle will provide Kine with a more secure and stable price feed service. By connecting high-quality data sources on and off the chain, real-time price feeds will be provided to fully protect Kine users’ safe and efficient transactions.

In addition, ADAMoracle and Kine are also conducting in-depth cooperation in liquidity mining. Kine will fully support users to pledge ADAM for liquidity mining and help expand the liquidity of ADAM. At present, ADAMoracle is also deploying mining products. After the full launch, the two parties will support mutual mining of tokens.

About ADAMoracle

ADAMoracle, as the first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node quotation, it is not only retains the traditional data source organization, but also adds a large number of diversified servers as computing nodes and storage nodes to predict Decentralized complete oracle solutions for both oracles and data sources, and support multi-chain operations such as ETH, BSC, Heco, Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, OKExChain, etc., creating a new generation of “everyone can participate in price feed” .

About Kine

Kine is a decentralized derivatives trading platform based on Ethereum. It adopts a point-to-pool design concept similar to Synthetix to provide unlimited liquidity for DeFi derivatives. Its core highlights are “unlimited liquidity” and “unlimited trading varieties”. , To hit the pain points of the current derivatives trading agreement. In addition, Kine adopts on-chain pledge and off-chain transactions to greatly reduce transaction GAS fees, and supports single mainstream asset pledge, impermanent loss hedging and zero slippage functions or features, and is committed to providing users with the simplest, fastest, and most transparent Trading services on the chain of derivatives.




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