ADAM wide-area node output rules are iterated, governance token ADAO pledge function is added

4 min readApr 19, 2022

Recently, the 5 billion DAO governance token ADAO airdrop has been popular on the whole network. Aiming to empower the development of this project and provide long-term development value for ADAO, ADAMoracle has officially decided to run the governance token ADAO and ADAM in dual currency to help the growth of ADAMoracle’s market value and ecological development.

ADAMoracle Wide Area Node Mining

Wide-area node mining is one of the core functions of ADAMoracle, and it has been running smoothly for nearly half a year. According to ADAMScan browser data, the current participating computing power of the entire network has reached 143921TIB, with the daily output 32876.7212ADAM and the total output 4317630ADAM since the operation is started, which is about 34.72 million US dollars according to the current ADAM market price.

According to the ADAMoracle wide-area node mining rules, participating in ADAM mining requires contributing computing power and staking ADAM. 30 ADAM needs to be pledged for each 1T computing power. Now, the integration of the governance token ADAO gives all nodes, miners and ecological builders a more flexible way to participate. The governance token ADAO will play a key role in identity authentication, VIP rights, and community voting, etc.

According to official news, ADAMoracle will soon launch a pledge product based on ADAO and ADAM:

1.Hybrid Pledge Mining

Users can use ADAO+ADAM Hybrid Pledge Mining

mode to produce ADAM, the mixing ratio is 1:2, Pledge ADAO to deduct ADAM and produce ADAM.

Take 10T storage space pledge mining as an example: According to the original node mining participation rules, 30 ADAM is needed to be pledged for 1T, thus 300 ADAM is necessary for 10T. However, only 200 ADAM and 10,000 ADAO are needed to be pledged according to the Hybrid Pledge Mining ratio of 1:2 ( Among which 100 ADAMs are deducted with 10,000 ADAOs according to the ratio of 100:1), and all the output is ADAM. When the mining is over, the ADAO used for mortgage is directly converted into ADAM at a ratio of 100:1 and will be all released.

2. ADAO single-currency pledge mining

After depositing a certain amount of ADAO, the user can both obtain the total share of ADAM pledged at a ratio of 100:1 <That means you need to pledge ADAM first> , and get an annualized 100% income and it will be released linearly according to 365 antenna.

For example: if a user pledges 10,000 ADAO, the total pledge share that can be obtained according to the ratio of 100:1 is 100 ADAM, First you should pledge 100ADAM, that is, 100 ADAM corresponding to 10,000 ADAO are unlocked, and there is no limit to the number of ADAOs deposited. However, the maximum limit is 100ADAM, and it will be released linearly according to 365 antenna.

3. Irregularly exchange airdrops

The official will offer a variable amount of ADAM from time to time for ADAO holders to exchange ADAM in a step-by-step manner according to the holding ratio, What’s more, they can be traded directly.

Meanwhile, users can choose to hold ADAO to enjoy the ADAMoracle ecological development dividend. ADAO holders can not only share 40% of ADAMoracle’s business income, but also get ADAM, ADAO airdrops, and enjoy ADAO value-added benefits.

Using the governance token ADAO as the ADAO wide-area node mining pledge medium is an important measure to enable the long-term development of the decentralized autonomous organization ADAO. It binds the value of the governance token ADAO to ADAM more deeply and for a long time, which is a good measure to protect the interests of every community member effectively.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization ADAO

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 and supporting ADAMoracle data encryption and computing network, aiming to help ADAMoracle’s global development. It was officially initiated and established by ADAMoracle with the vision of expanding the global market by integrating community resources and combining blockchain technology and concepts, creating a commercial-level “DataFi” ecosystem, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it, truly realize the Web3.0 concept, and gives data benefits back to users.

The governance token ADAO needs to play its incentive role around the character of ADAMoracle ecological participation. 100% of the governance token ADAO will be used for community building, and the first phase of airdrop will distribute 50%, that is 5 billion ADAO. Users owning ADAO and becoming a member of the ADAMoracle community will also shoulder the mission of building the ADAMoracle ecosystem.

In addition, the remaining share of the governance token ADAO will be used as an incentive for all community builders, and rewards will be issued according to the contribution of community members. For example: rewarding users who bring new followers to ADAMoracle, third-party developers and users who provide constructive suggestions for platform development, etc.




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