ADAM — the Layer1 tool for the Metaverse

3 min readAug 1, 2022

The Metaverse=Meta (transcendence) + Universe (universe), that is, a virtual universe beyond reality. As a paradigm application of the next-generation Internet, the Metaverse is a very cutting-edge technology product and a super complex of various cutting-edge technologies. Achieving the functions of the Metaverse requires the tremendous development and application of various cutting-edge technologies, and thus stimulates the large-scale growth of many new technologies. ADAM is a data encryption computing network developed in accordance with the development trend of the Metaverse.

ADAM is the first data encryption computing network based on Web3.0, and it is also a new type of blockchain data service provider. It has the function of batch data encryption transmission, which can not only connect the world and the blockchain system, but also realize the ecology of major public chains. Data and information flow without barriers; ADAM has created a strong off-chain computing capability by building a global wide-area node network, which can perform millisecond encrypted computing level, realize real commercial “DataFi” applications, and enable every role involved in data circulation benefit from it.

At all levels, applications, and scenarios of the Metaverse, data and computing power are the basis for its application. The construction of the future metaverse requires not only a huge amount of data, but also an almost endless demand for computing power. ADAM data encryption computing network will promote the deep integration of computing and network, and provide intelligent, flexible, collaborative, simple and secure CPaaS for the Metaverse.

ADAM’s cross data transmission function can make full use of the massive data collected by blockchain and the Internet of Things, and cooperate with the 6G “air-space-earth-sea” integrated network architecture to provide “smart connections” and “depths” for the Metaverse. “connect”, “holographic connection” and “ubiquitous connection” to help users realize the metaverse immersive experience of “thinking the world, everything follows your heart”.

The Metaverse has its own economic system and the construction of digital assets, which requires the strong support of blockchain technology. DeFi has the characteristics of decentralization, transparent rules, openness, efficiency, reliability, fairness, and security, making it possible to authenticate value attribution, circulation, discovery and virtual identity in the metaverse. Due to its unique, unreproducible, and inseparable characteristics, NFTs naturally have collection properties, so they can be used to record and trade digital assets, such as artworks, game props, etc.

The oracle function of ADAM can provide accurate data transmission services for Dapp, NFT, or DeFi, and even various GameFi smart contracts to ensure their efficient operation. Metaverse is an advanced application derived from the maturity of various technologies. Data is not only the basis for the operation of this world, but also the basis for this virtual world to shine into reality, and data is the core target of ADAM network processing.

Of course, ADAM is far from enough to realize the application of the metaverse. Metaverse also needs to build an economic system based on blockchain technology, realize a higher dimension based on human-computer interaction technology, provide an immersive experience based on video game technology, conduct multi-scene deep learning based on artificial intelligence technology, and create “wisdom” based on network and computing technology. The infrastructure of “connection”, “deep connection”, “holographic connection”, “ubiquitous connection” and “computing power as a service”, based on digital twin technology to generate a mirror image of the real world, the virtual world and the real world in the identity system, social system, economy The system is closely integrated, enabling users to produce personalized content and edit a diverse world, and build a digital living space that integrates virtual and real.

After the Metaverse explosion in 2021, more and more companies and capital are aware of the potential of the Metaverse, which will inspire a large number of professional practitioners and companies to pour into the Metaverse, and initially form the Metaverse Eco-industrialization . Metaverse will also incubate more companies and further expand the overall market of the industry. The Metaverse is bound to derive more business models based on the real world. Following the trend of development, data encryption computing network ADAM will be widely used, and further explore wider application scenarios and more mature business models.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0