ADAM: Promote trusted collaboration of on-chain and off-chain data to improve social productivity

4 min readAug 10, 2022


From the day the blockchain was born, people seem to be accustomed to tying it tightly to digital assets. In fact, the real digital asset is data. People often talk about asset data, but decades ago, people were talking about asset securitization, which means that people generally agree on the importance of data. But this is not enough. ADAM proposes “DataFi” on this basis, which can be called data assetization, which further emphasizes the value of data.

As “productivity”, data has evolved into a new form of wealth

With the development of the times, data has evolved into a new wealth as “productivity”, and data is indeed a real digital asset, but if the real asset of data cannot be circulated, that’s is limited. The big difference between the circulation of data and the circulation of traditional assets lies in the high requirements for data security, privacy and protection. ADAM data encryption computing network has been deeply cultivated in the “DataFi” application field. We believe that the technology of trusted collaboration of data on and off the chain should be the development direction of the next stage.

Today, on-chain data has been valued in the blockchain industry, including DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and other fields that are inseparable from the support of on-chain data. We also believe that the development of blockchain will further drive the overall transformation of other industries based on financial innovation, and the data on the chain will not only help financial innovation, but also be widely used in various industries. ADAM solves the encrypted transmission of data, privacy computing, and commercial applications.

Combined with the current development status of the industry, the technology of data collaboration on and off the chain has just started. At this stage, it is only possible to calculate the data in advance and leave a path on the blockchain. Cross-chain technology, off-chain computing, large-scale high-performance peer-to-peer networks and high-performance programmable computing engines will all become key technologies and directions in the future. Data is available and invisible, and data sharing has been initially realized, but it still takes decades to develop the technology to fully mature.

ADAM — — Promote trusted collaboration of on-chain and off-chain data

In the era of Web3.0, the bottom layer of the Internet cannot be built entirely on the blockchain, nor will all data calculations run on the “closed public chain”. Considering the efficiency of data computing and different underlying programming language environments, the data computing base layer in the Web3.0 era will be a complex and diverse environment. Therefore, how to crack the data computing efficiency in the blockchain era has become the key direction of the next-generation computing paradigm. As an important direction to solve the problem of computing efficiency, off-chain computing faces the problem of how to ensure the reliability and reliability of off-chain data.

As the first data encryption and computing network based on Web3.0, ADAM can not only provide many core technical functions such as adaptive consensus algorithm, smart contract engine, global node network, multi-dimensional privacy protection, software and hardware collaboration integration, etc., but also has an oracle. It can carry out encrypted data transmission in batches, and realize the credible and barrier-free flow of data information on and off the chain in major public chain ecosystems. ADAM has created a strong off-chain computing capability by building a global node network, capable of millisecond-level computing, and has become one of the blockchain data service providers with the most widely distributed nodes and the largest business scale in the industry.

Up to now, ADAM nodes have spread all over the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia and other major regions; ADAM has established a decentralized autonomous organization ADAO and issued governance tokens, and is actively exploring various forms of community autonomy; has realized multi-currency pledge model, continuous Stable operation, the current node participation comprehensive income exceeds 400%; the “DataFi” application developed by ADAM is aimed at the entire encryption industry ecology, and is committed to providing commercialized high-value data for the development of the world on the chain.

Increase Productivity with Trusted Data

The application of blockchain and some related basic service technologies has great development prospects in the future, and the oracle technology that realizes the trusted collaboration of data on and off the chain will also be one of the key development directions in the next stage. It is believed that in the next few years, the application and development of blockchain will benefit all aspects of our lives, and will be directly and highly integrated with the real economy. With the support of a trusted data system, blockchain technology will fully stimulate more efficient productivity in society.

The technological innovation and commercial application of blockchain are promoting the transformation of the traditional Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.

The steam engine unleashes human productivity, electricity solves the basic needs of human life, the Internet changes the way of information transmission, and the trusted collaboration tool for on-chain and off-chain data represented by ADAM will create a fair and harmonious way for the blockchain industry. The foundation of trust, which will revolutionize the way values are delivered throughout human society.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0