ADAM Japan Community Conference: ADAMoracle will become the main force in the Web3 ecosystem

4 min readMar 30, 2022

A few days ago, Akihisa Shiozaki, representative of the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party, said that Japan should make Web3 the center of its national strategy at the House of Representatives Finance Committee, and hope that Japan will announce relevant policies as soon as possible to improve the government’s priority in the development of cryptocurrency and Web3.

As a leading blockchain data service provider in the industry, the ADAMoracle Japanese community invited hundreds of community members and technology enthusiasts to conduct online and offline exchange conference on topics such as ADAMoracle’s positive impact on the creation of the Web3 era on March 12th. Meanwhile, they discussed and explored the driving force and innovation of ADAMoracle in the Web3 economy.

During the conference, the host introduced that since the launch of the ADAMoracle network, wide-area nodes from dozens of countries and regions such as Japan, the United States, Dubai, and China has been attracted to join in, so that a more secure and attack-proof oracle network has been built and the powerful off-chain computing capability has been given birth to, which is capable of performing millisecond-level encrypted computing, achieving secure interaction of data on and off the chain, and realize a real commercial-grade “DataFi” application. This provides great impetus for the interaction between Web2 and Web3.

Web3 is a leap towards an open, no need to trust, and no permission requirement web, and one of the most important pillars of the next-generation web will be a decentralized data network, where users can interact and transact directly.

The ADAMoracle network can not only transmit financial market data for DeFi applications, but also implement a series of secure off-chain calculations, interacting with data and systems outside the blockchain network, promoting the innovation of smart contract. Furthermore, it plays and important role by bridging the gap between (on-chain) and real-world data (off-chain).

At the same time, ADAMoracle also realizes the barrier-free flow of ecological data information on ETH, BSC, OKexchain, Solana, reducing the attackability through the wide-area node mechanism, and complete the cross-border transmission and verification of data more professionally and safely, so as to help to create a network with an interoperable and unified Web3 ecosystem with sufficient balance between interaction and security.

In the vision of the increasingly mature web3 era, not only the upgrading of technology is required, but also a more open and fairer environment is needed. All Internet-based content and applications will be created and led by users, fully realizing the co-construction and co-operation of users (DAO).

With the increase of nodes and community users, ADAMoracle started ADAO governance according to the original development route.

ADAO is a DAO platform based on Web3.0 that supports ADAMoracle encrypted data calculation, which aims to help ADAMoracle’s global development. By integrating community resources and combining blockchain technology and concepts, global users can participate in ADAMoracle’s ecological governance. Users holding ADAO represent the rights and interests of voting and governance for the ADAMoracle project. Thus, ADAO allows everyone involved in data circulation to benefit from it, truly realizes the concept of Web 3.0, and gives data benefits back to users.

The total circulation of $ADAO is 10 billion. In order to allow the users to participate in the project governance fairly, all ADAO tokens will be used for community construction, and all the tokens will be airdropped to community users. In addition, ADAO has recently launched the first phase of the 5 billion airdrop plan. ADAMoracle nodes and ADAM token holders can get access to whitelisted airdrops preferentially.

Throughout the development trend of the market, the Web3 field has all the elements needed for an explosion of innovation and value creation. As decentralized technologies and applications mature, and with the rise of concepts such as the Metaverse, it is inevitable that Web3 will be embraced and used by mainstream users. Meanwhile, the value of early-rising infrastructure like ADAMoracle will gradually become prominent and be the main force in the Web3 ecosystem.




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