ADAM: Inspiring on-chain data applications to empower crypto finance development

4 min readJun 18, 2022


Someone said jokingly a decade ago: Maybe in the future, people may not ask how much money you have, but how much data you have. The competitiveness of a company may be judged not only by how good the technology is, but also by how much data the company has. The “joke” has come true now, and humanity has entered the era of data economy. The importance of data is no longer in doubt. It has become a new production factor as important as land, labor, capital and technology, and is playing the role of a multiplier in various fields. As for the blockchain industry, the open and transparent data is a much-needed mine. So how exactly can the layout be turned into real wealth and productivity on the chain?

The Nature and Characteristics of Data

The history of human development is a continuous process of data generation and accumulation, so in a sense the size of the data is proportional to the level of development of human civilization and the level of economic development. What exactly is data? The answer is a physical symbol or a combination of these physical symbols that records the nature, state, and interrelationships of objective things. It can be either a continuous value, such as a sound, an image which is called analog data, or discrete ones, such as symbols and words which are called digital data. Human beings are becoming more and more knowledgeable about the means of acquiring data, and the amount of data accumulated is increasing. It is often said that Bitcoin is digital gold, which is a statement that we don’t comment here, but relatively speaking, on-chain data is the inexhaustible financial oil of the crypto industry.

Oil has been one of the indispensable energy resources for social development and human survival for a long time. And all modern material civilization would disappear without energy in modern civilized society. So why is it that symbols or combinations of symbols that record objective things, like oil, can influence and empower all walks of life? That’s because on-chain data is bringing huge variables to the crypto space, and ADAM will be a pioneer in expanding on-chain data applications.

How to Use On-chain Data to Achieve Empowerment?

How can data truly empower all areas of the crypto industry and leverage its capabilities as a new factor of production? The first step is to create “data awareness” and embed in-chain data applications in each business process. Nowadays, although many institutions and programs have already known the importance of data, it is still “data is data, business is business” in the real R&D Dapp or business decision and operation. And the collected on-chain data does not enter into the project’s decision-making and business operation processes.

Accelerating data empowerment requires driving down the cost of acquiring, storing and analyzing data along the chain. Meanwhile, the development of ADAM technology and more convenient tool is also essential. Gartner defines Big Data in this way: Big Data is a high-volume, high-speed, highly diverse information asset that requires the use of low-cost, innovative forms of information processing to gain insight and make decisions. It mentions a key to gaining insight at low cost. The development of on-chain data applications is similar, and its core lies in reducing the cost of data acquisition.

ADAM — Reducing the Cost of On-chain Data Usage

As the first encrypted data computing network based on Web3.0, ADAM not only has a strong computing power foundation by building a global node network and a distributed data source base, but will also be committed to realizing a true commercial-grade “DataFi” Application, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it.

So far, the ADAM encrypted data computing network can basically meet the needs of commercial-level data on the chain. The pioneering “DataFi” application covers the entire life cycle, including data asset collection, analysis, evaluation, management, application, and decommissioning. Join the ADAM ecosystem and enjoy low-cost on-chain data retrieval services. ADAM visualizes massive on-chain data, marks wallets and entity tags, and accesses data through SQL queries or APIs. It can connect to oracles to provide price-feeding services for blockchain companies. It also supports multiple data types with visualized business data. In addition, real-time on-chain data analysis platform that provides digital currency on-chain transaction analysis tools for individuals or businesses.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0