ADAM Encrypted Data Computing Network – Leading Decisions with Data

3 min readMay 19, 2022

Most assets are risky when the economic crisis comes. Thus, not only does Bitcoin have no risk-averse properties, it has become a reminder for many speculators. Real estate is no longer anti-inflation, it will truly become a heavy shackle on the mortgage slaves. In these zero-sum games, only very few people will always be the winners, and the difference between winners and losers may lie in a few key decisions. In the cryptocurrency market, data is the important factor whether investors can make the right decision or not.

Many users in the currency circle will think that the cryptocurrency market is a big casino, and leveraged or contract players will feel this more deeply. The frequent market manipulation by the dealer, and the act of cutting leeks with clear cards is abhorrent. Players in the secondary market are too passive in this game, but have you ever thought that whether you gave your opponent enough respect in this game? We can despise the enemy strategically, but we must pay enough attention tactically. The blockchain industry solves the trust problem with openness and transparency, in this way, have you ever had a reasonable use of the public data on the chain?

On-chain Data

The data on the chain is complex, and even just processing transaction data requires a lot of manpower and material resources. As long as the old hands in the industry talk about the data, they may mention information such as giant whale dynamic, panic index, long-short ratio, main positions, market liquidity, market value, trading volume and popularity. But even then, they may not necessarily be able to make the right decisions. It’s not that the data is useless, it’s just that the data is not enough. Furthermore, despite that there are many data analysis platform in the market, there are few platforms that offer real utility and people who are good at leveraging them.

Recently, ADAM, the world’s first encrypted data computing network based on Web3.0, announced that it will develop a full-stack data service, based on the overall situation and multi-dimensional mining of the value of data on the chain, to empower the development of the blockchain industry. As far as the current public information is concerned, ADAM will provide on-chain data services in terms of on-chain data retrieval, oracles, data visualization, on-chain data analysis platforms, data monitoring plug-ins, and on-chain integrated marketing. All individuals or institutions are included in the service groups. Comprehensive on-chain data information will give users a god-like perspective and lead decisions with the most realistic data.

About ADAM

ADAM is a new generation of blockchain data service provider, with the function of batch data encrypted transmission, which can not only connect the real world and the blockchain system, but also realize the barrier-free flow of ecological data information on chains such as ETH, BSC, OKexchain, and Solana. ADAM has spawned powerful off-chain computing capabilities by building a global wide-area node network, enabling millisecond-level encrypted computing to realize real commercial-level “DataFi” applications, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it. Different from Filecoin’s distributed storage network, ADAM aims to build the first data encrypted computing network in the Web3.0 era.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0