ADAM: Create a New Ecosystem of Data on the Chain and Release the Value of Digital Assets

4 min readMay 25, 2022

The importance of data value has become more and more prominent. Thus, data assetization has ushered in a new round of development. The essence of data assetization is to give full play to the value of data. As the value of data and the realization value of data are getting closer and closer, when data circulation and transactions begin to be liberalized, the value of data elements can truly be brought into full play. Meanwhile, what ADAM technicians are doing is to reconstruct the on-chain data technology system layer by layer, and finally complete the full-stack reconstruction. This huge project has set off an epic wave in the development of on-chain data technology.

On-chain data has become a brand new asset, and the new commodity model, new factor market, and new value mechanism generated by data capitalization will be the new driving force for achieving inclusive benefits and promoting the development of the digital economy in the future. The development of data, computing power and algorithms is accelerating, and the digitalization of the entire physical and economical world and social life is accelerating, too. The “DataFi” first proposed by ADAM will be the next most important milestone to subvert the blockchain world and promote the development of the digital asset era.

Definitely, there are many advantages of data. At the same time, however, there are strong external dependencies, timeliness and application scenarios, etc., involving privacy, compliance, security and other risks. Thus, as an asset, data presents its own set of challenges. Despite that cloud computing, distributed data source bases, new parallel computing engines and other technologies, as well as the growing ecosystem, are in a stage of rapid development, it will take decades for them to fully mature and stabilize.

The development of data assetization has extended from the traditional field to the blockchain industry. From forecasting to direct participation in production, a large number of data use cases can be seen in various fields of the blockchain industry.

As a new generation of blockchain data service provider, ADAM not only has a strong computing power foundation by building a global node network and a distributed data source base, but also constructs the first encrypted data computing network based on Web3. In addition, ADAM will also be committed to realize a true commercial-grade “DataFi” application, so that every role involved in data circulation can benefit from it.

So far, the encrypted data computing network based on Web 3.0 created by ADAM can basically meet the demand of commercial-level data on the chain. Users can join in the ADAM ecosystem and enjoy on-chain data retrieval services. ADAM visualizes massive on-chain data, marks wallets and entity tags, and accesses data through SQL queries or APIs. It can also connect to oracles to provide price-feeding services for blockchain companies. What’s more, with visualized business data, it supports analysis and display of multiple data types. There is also a real-time on-chain data analysis platform that provides individuals and enterprises with digital currency on-chain transaction analysis tools. Furthermore, it can also access the data monitoring plug-in and conduct on-chain data monitoring and analysis:, such as compliance assessment, entity identification, privacy leakage risk analysis, identification of illegal activities. ADAM will also select target users through sorting algorithms to carry out optimal marketing activities based on public and authorized on-chain data.

In the context of the digital economy, DataFi will provide commercialized high-value data that directly or indirectly bring economic and social benefits to on-chain applications such as DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, enabling the ecological development of the blockchain industry . ADAM will realize the real assetization of the data on the chain and begin to circulate in the market under the full constraints and regulations of the law. And it will promote the real outbreak of data element supply and demand application scenarios, thereby prompting the transaction of data assets.

Data is a special asset that the more is used, the more is gained. The value added is not as much of a uncertainty as venture capital. As long as data assets are constructed in accordance with standard action specifications, and data assets are operated with data value as the guide, their value will continue to be iterated with unlimited value-added space. ADAM, as the first project to propose “DataFi”, will also be the first to launch a full-case development model of “data assets” such as confirmation, pricing, measurement, management and control, and value-added of data assets on the chain.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0